Atlanta Office Opening This Month

It is going to be another busy year for Chapel Valley Landscape Company. Five months ago, we acquired a branch serving regions in Norfolk and Virginia Beach, and this month we are opening a new regional office in Atlanta, Georgia, serving Southeastern regions. The Atlanta market is one of the largest for commercial real estate, making it a perfect place for us to transition.

Although we are new to Atlanta, we already have a branch set in place with team members who reside locally and know the area well. Our goal in this market is to partner with building owners and property managers who are looking to attract tenants with exceptional landscaping.

Our 47 years of experience, professionalism, and commitment to customers’ needs, will give us the advantage we need in the Atlanta market.

“From the beginning, we have built a reputation of impeccable quality and a true understanding of what it means to deliver excellent customer service.” For this reason, we have a 95% customer retention rate, which we will continue to strive to improve.

-James Reeve, President & CEO of Chapel Valley