5 Top Tips for Late-Summer Landscaping

residential landscaping ideasLandscaping season isn’t over with Labor Day. In fact, late summer is a great time to get outside and enjoy the last gardening-worthy months before autumn truly sets in. Here are five easy residential landscaping ideas that work well from late August through the first frost:

1.Fight Fungus
Slighter cooler weather often makes it possible for fungus to set in in your lawn. And if you’ve been doing your own mowing, rather than hiring a professional landscape company, it’s likely that you’ve let a fair amount of thatch build up on your lawn, blocking sunlight and exacerbating the problem. Make sure you don’t overspray with chemicals in an effort to keep your lawn looking nice for longer, however; many bugs are good for your lawn (and the rest of the environment), and harsh sprays can kill them.

2. Trim and Tame
As some plants thin out, things can start to look a bit straggly in your yard. Take this time of year to clear out dead branches and trim hedges into neater shapes to combat the unkempt look that tends to replace lush summer vegetation.

3. Add Some Color
The best perennials to plant will depend on your region, of course, but there are numerous options that will add some bright color to your yard between now and first frost. Try Alternanthera, pineapple sage, pincushion flower, Salvia, or black-eyed Susan to get started.

4. Plant a Tree
September is an excellent time of year to plant evergreens; deciduous trees can be planted all the way until early November. Trees are useful, as well as attractive. They can reduce bothersome noise by up to 50%. You may have also heard that proper landscaping shading windows and walls can reduce air conditioning costs by up to half; those benefits carry over in the winter and reduce heating costs because trees create a windbreak.

5. Opt for Edibles
Most residential landscaping ideas focus on looks. But ornamental plants don’t have to be the only thing in your yard. There’s still barely enough time to start a fall crop of lettuce or radishes. The latter is fun for kids, particularly, who will love pulling out the brightly colored radishes at harvest time. As long as you keep the beds neat, edible plants can look very attractive in your backyard.

Do you have any other residential landscaping ideas to share before it’s time to turn your attention to snow removal plans instead? Join the discussion in the comments.