Addition of Mulching Mowers & Toyota Prius’

As a landscape industry leader for over 45 years, Chapel Valley has made the preservation of natural resources a top priority. As a result, we have focused our efforts on lowering our impact on the environment which has led us to our most recent purchase of mulching mowers and Toyota Prius’.

Running a landscape company, it is our duty to meet with new and existing customers, as well as visit property sites on a regular basis.  Given the vast amount of time spent on the road to fulfill these responsibilities, we have provided our high mileage drivers with a Toyota Prius to reduce gasoline consumption. Another way we have reduced our fuel consumption is by placing our satellite offices geographically close to their corresponding maintenance branch. Our innovation to sustain green has not stopped here and we will always look for ways to reduce our carbon footprint.

For those of you who don’t know, due to Maryland’s lawn fertilizer law that took effect on October 1st, 2013, lawn fertilizer products have been reformed. The law claims that lawn care professionals must follow regulations for the amount of fertilizer used on turf because the nutrients in them were harming the Chesapeake Bay.  Nitrogen and Phosphorus are the key ingredients found in fertilizer and are also the nutrients that keep your lawn looking nice and green.

When this law took place we knew we had to make a change to keep our lawns maintained appropriately. After doing some research, we made two business decisions to help Chapel Valley Landscape make a positive impact on our turfgrass program.  First, we partnered with a high-quality, local contractor to apply fertilization and weed control to client’s turf.  This partner is not only well respected in the Mid-Atlantic area, but they also pride themselves on developing appropriate application programs that minimize the approved ingredients to surpass the law’s requirement and to surpass our customer’s expectations of healthy turf.

Next, we invested in upgrading our entire fleet of mowers and added mulching kits to each mower. Mulching mowers are different because they leave grass clippings on the lawn. Because grass clippings are high in nitrogen, this is one of the best ways to return nutrients to the soil. With new nitrogen laws in effect, we use this method to keep your lawn looking fresh, green, and healthy. The mowing height of your lawn is also a factor that we keep into consideration. We leave the mowing height around 4 inches, because if it were cut any shorter, then the roots would not be as deep.

In addition to the benefit to the turf quality, mulching kits also reduce the large amounts of yard waste and energy required to handle landscape debris at dump locations.  Mulching kits provide an additional benefit of keeping grass out of landscape beds and tree rings, plus the reduction in possible flying debris that comes out the side of a typical discharge style mower. Here at Chapel Valley, we are happy to make these improvements and we value that we can satisfy our customers and save the environment at the same time!