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How to Hire A Landscape Architect

how to hire a landscape architect

For those looking to complete a landscaping project on their property, hiring the right professional architect for the job can often be challenging. Aspects such as budgetary restraints, experience and the type of project can all have an impact on finding the most qualified landscape architect to employ.

Analyze your Own Values

Your own values can have a major impact on the type of landscape design you choose as well as how you would like to see it implemented. Hiring a landscape architect who has similar values often leads to the production and completion of the project you had originally visioned and more. According to houzz, "What do you value? Get clarity on your values so you can find a landscape architect who shares them and has an aligned design philosophy. Do you value high-end design and upscale materials? Native plants and drought-tolerant gardens? Edible landscapes? A funky, playful garden space for your family? There is a landscape architect out there who specializes in what you value, and your best bet is to find that person or company."

Interview Several Possible Candidates

Put together a short list of potential candidates and schedule an initial consultation to discuss your project in person on-site. In this meeting discuss the scope of the project and aspects which may qualify them for the project. Qualifications may include experience with a similar type of project in the past, references from previous clients and their overall portfolio. Another method of narrowing down candidates is to ask for a reference from a friend, family member or co-worker who has hired a landscape architect in the past.

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Written by : Chapel Valley Team