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Each year the Landscape Contractors Association (LCA) and Professional Landcare Network (PLANET) give professionals in the landscape industry the opportunity to enter their projects for the chance to win an award. Over the years Chapel Valley has received multiple awards through both organizations for their outstanding landscapes- this year we received 2 awards through PLANET and 4 through LCA for the following properties:

1. Center Park, Arlington, VA

01-Center Park

Center Park received 2 awards: PLANET Merit award for Commercial Landscape Contracting and LCA Distinction award for Commercial Landscape Maintenance.

In 2008, Chapel Valley began to work on Center Park as the landscaping contractor. Like any commercial project, this one was big and involved a strong team to complete. After a successful installation, Chapel Valley has continued to maintain the commercial property.

Center Park has had a great impact on the people who use it. Before the project started the land served as no purpose-now there is an open, landscaped, urban space with room for people to walk their dogs, relax, skateboard, etc.

2. Post Carlyle, Alexandria, VA

03-Post Block

Post Carlyle received 2 awards: PLANET Merit award & LCA Distinction award for Commercial Landscape Maintenance.

Post Carlyle is a beautiful commercial property located in the city of Alexandria. The property offers its residents beautiful courtyards for relaxation and rooftop terraces for enjoying sunset views of Old Town. Lovely Gardens, outdoor seating, grill stations, and a pool are all things you can find when you walk through the courtyard. To keep the courtyard in top shape, Chapel Valley has done an extensive job in terms of landscape maintenance.

3.Private Residence, Woodbine, MD


4. Private Residence, Woodbine, MD received a LCA Decade award for Residential Maintenance

It is clear the owner has a great appreciation for flowers and plants when you first arrive to this property. Throughout the property you will come across many elements that come together to make the space inviting, relaxing, and enjoyable. The comprehensive year-round maintenance plan includes: weekly mowing, edging, and weeding; integrated pest management; a five-step turf program winter pruning and cut backs; seasonal color rotations; design, installation, and color rotations of over 15 pots; and a professional gardener on site once a week.

As you can see, Chapel Valley has done an amazing job of maintaining this property for over 10 years. To have a garden like this, you must have the experience of a trained horticulturist.

Private Residence, Potomac, MD 


Private Residence, Potomac, MD received a LCA Decade award for Residential Maintenance

This is one of those special properties where the landscaping is maintained precisely to create a stunning first impression. The 6.5 acre estate is used for entertaining, relaxation, and family gatherings. Chapel Valley has managed to keep this property looking flawless for after 10 years of maintenance.

The comprehensive maintenance plan utilizes a team of certified specialists in horticulture, irrigation, and gardening. The scope of work includes: spring and fall cleanup; seasonal color rotations; integrated pest management; weekly mowing, edging, and weeding; hand pruning; monthly evaluations; irrigation maintenance; power washing; and snow removal.


  • Plant bulbs at least six weeks before ground freezes
  • First frost dates are approximately October 15th - November 15th
  • Water bulbs after planting
  • Water is especially important right after planting to ensure that the plants develop a strong root system before going into winter dormancy. Though standing water is not good for bulbs, sufficient water is necessary to get them growing.


WHY BULBS ARE PLANTED IN FALL-They require a long period of cool temperature to spark the biochemical process that causes blooming.

TOP BULBS TO PLANT IN FALL: Crocus,Tulip, Daffodils, Grape Hyacinth, Hyacinth, Allium, Dutch Iris

*Mary M, property manager and expert horticulturists, has a few words of advice to add when planting fall bulbs.


If you want an exciting sign from nature that spring is near, then you should plant Crocus bulbs. This amazing bulb has the ability to push through snow and bloom, giving the dreary late winter landscape a touch of color. We suggest planting Snow Crocuses, because are they are the first to bloom. Also, they naturalize, meaning they spread and come back year after year with an even larger display.

Light Requirements: Full sun, half Sun
Bloom Time: Late Winter

*Mary’s Tip: “Crocus is great for planter pots; plant along the edge of the pot, because they will bloom and be out of the way before other bulbs bloom.”


Tulips are one of the most popular flowers in the world and are a great bulb to plant. We suggest planting a Grand Mix of Perennial Darwin Tulip Bulbs, because they are tall, tough, and come in a mixture of colors. Plant them once and you will have them for years! Bring character to your garden by using this colorful mix as a border to your flower beds.

Light Requirements: Full Sun, Half Sun/Half Shade
Bloom Time: Mid Spring

*Mary’s Tip: “When mixing colors, be sure to use similar height and bloom time to get the best effect.”


These flowers are known as the symbol of spring due to their popularity. We suggest using Double Daffodils, because they are super easy to plant in the fall and are tolerant to any type of soil, as long as it is well drained. Daffodils are perennials and if conditions are favorable, their bulbs will naturalize over the years, giving you more flowers every spring! Also, deer and squirrels avoid eating Daffodils making them a good choice in areas where these pests are a problem.

Light Requirements: Full Sun, Half Sun/Half Shade
Bloom Time: Mid Spring

*Mary’s Tip: “For decorating in pots, you can use some of the shorter varieties and mix with Grape Hyacinth or Tulips.”


These bulbs are perfect if you want an easy and pretty way to cover large areas of your landscape; they are simple-to-grow, durable, and are fast to spread. We suggest planting Muscari Armeniacum, because they are inexpensive and look great when paired with Tulips and Daffodils. If you decide to plant these, take note that their foliage will come up during the fall. This is a great benefit, because it makes fertilizing easy, unlike other bulbs that don’t show any exposer.

Light Requirements: Full Sun, Half Sun
Bloom Time: Mid Spring


If you are looking for a flower with a powerful scent, then this is the one. The sweet, lingering, fragrance of a Hyacinth makes it one of our favorites. To create a beautiful and formal display, we suggest putting your hyacinth bulbs close together in groups of 3, 5, or more. To ensure proper health, make sure these are planted in a spot with good drainage. Although these can withstand full sun, it is best to plant them in areas with available shade.

Light Requirements: Full Sun, Half Sun/Half Shade
Bloom Time: Mid Spring

*Mary’s Tip: “For a long display time, try planting Crocus, Daffodils and Tulips in complementary colors. Grape Hyacinth shows up well with short yellow Daffodils. Hyacinth and other bulbs can be planted with Daffodils to bloom simultaneously or with Tulips to extend the bloom time in an individual bed.”


Make a statement in your garden, by planting Allium Globe Master’s. These bulbs are notorious for their colossal size, because the flower heads can bloom up to a foot across! Some other characteristics include their distinct smell of chives and lavender color. We suggest planting perennials around the Allium’s base, because the foliage becomes unattractive overtime. When it comes to choosing the placement of the bulb, consider planting the giant Alliums in groups of several bulbs, set very close together. Also, they should be placed behind surrounding plants or bulbs, because they are very tall.

Light Requirements: Full Sun, Half Sun/Half Shade

Bloom Time: Late spring to early summer


The Iris is a subtle reminder that summer is right around the corner. It is a very elegant flower that is most popular in purple. They are easy to grow, deer resistant, and are perfect for any garden or flower arrangements.

Light Requirements: Full Sun, Half Sun/Half Shade
Bloom Time: Early Summer

Over the years, we hear some of the same questions from new homeowners and experienced ones alike. It’s hard to know all best practices for fall landscaping maintenance, so we’ve compiled a list that will hopefully provide some useful tips that will be helpful for you.


Actually, unless you are a landscape expert, pruning should be avoided between August 15th and September 30th. Pruning plants during this time will stimulate new growth, which is bad because the plants are trying to go dormant. This process can cause trees and shrubs to be severely weakened.


If you intend to have a lush and thick lawn next year, then it is beneficial for you to overseed this fall. Overseeding helps cool-season lawns heal from damage that has been caused over the summer. The earlier you do this, the better, because you want to give seed time to germinate and mature before the winter season. To ensure proper germination, it is best to aerate the lawn before it’s been overseeded; this allows for better seed to soil contact which is critical to germination.


It is important to fertilize two times in the fall at the proper rates: early October and early November. The application of phosphorus during this time period will help stimulate root growth before the grass goes dormant for the winter. The nitrogen in the fertilizer will help the lawn green-up faster in the spring and it’s more likely to be resistant to plant disease and drought.


If your trees are newly installed, then they should be watered up until the first frost. It’s not likely you will have to worry about watering your mature trees in the fall; only water them if they are in a severe drought or are showing signs of stress.


During the fall is when cool-season grasses are the most active. This is why it is necessary to remove or mulch the leaves in your lawn. Doing this allows the turf to breathe and have access to the sun. Mulching the leaves with a mower is highly suggested, as it allows the organic matter to return to the soil and keeps leaves out of the landfill. Mulching will assure healthy turf and will prevent fungal diseases such as snow mold, which can be caused by, among others thing, from piles of leaves.


If you want to control weeds in your lawn, then it is important to put down an application of broadleaf weed control in the fall. The weeds will absorb the chemicals through the foliage but leave the turf intact.

If you plan on overseeding your lawn in the fall, it is beneficial to apply the weed control a minimum of two weeks in advance. This allows the grass seed to germinate without competing with interfering weeds.


Cool season turf should be kept at a height of 3 to 4 inches throughout the year. A tip from our property management team is to mow the turf at about 2 1/2 inches for the last cut of the season. This will help prevent disease. It is important not to mow the turf too short because as the majority of the nutrient intake comes from the leaf blade. Proper horticulture practice is to remove only one-third of the turf blade at any given time.


It is essential to water your lawn during dry conditions even in cooler temperatures; this keeps it healthy and promotes new growth. It’s also important new seed stays moist. Proper watering during this time will help the grass during winter months and continue until the ground begins to freeze.

Chapel Valley Receives Five National Awards

Chapel Valley Landscape was the recipient of five national awards at the Excellence in Landscape Awards Program held in Gaithersburg, MD in November, 2011. The awards were presented by LCA, the Landscape Contractors Association, a community of landscape contractors, landscape architects and designers, grounds departments, educational institutions, and suppliers banded together in a supportive environment in Maryland, Virginia, and DC.

At the Excellence in Landscape Awards Program, Chapel Valley was recognized with five Grand Awards: Residential Maintenance for a Private Residence, NW Washington, DC as a Decade award for continuous service to the client for over 10 years; Residential Maintenance, a Private Residence, for a waterfront property in Oxford, MD; Residential Design/Build, a Private Residence, Oxford, MD; Commercial Installation for Crescent at Falls Church, a high end mixed development project just outside of Washington, DC; Commercial Maintenance category for Muddy Branch Square, a high end shopping center in Gaithersburg, MD.

Chapel Valley has received over 250 national and regional awards for commercial and residential design, installation, and maintenance projects.

Private Residence, NW Washington, DC                        Residential Maintenance

Decade Award

The property is located on three-quarters of an acre in Northwest DC backing up to Rock Creek Park. The landscaping is maintained pristinely to create a stunning formal appearance. Vibrant color throughout the year is attained with spring, early summer and fall flower rotation. All plants and shrubs are tightly hand sheared to create a polished and refined feel throughout the property, with the exception of one bright and lively perennial garden full of color. Chapel Valley has been maintaining this property for over 16 years.

Private Residence, Oxford, MD Residential Maintenance

The five-acre Maryland Eastern Shore waterfront estate located on the Tred Avon River in Oxford, MD, features landscaping with color, texture, and site conditions in mind. The site requires great attention to detail in order to retain its pristine condition. Site conditions greatly affect the maintenance including the sandy soil which compacts and impacts proper drainage, and the high water table typical of Eastern Shore properties.

The estate reflects the client’s lifestyle and is used for entertaining, recreation, and relaxation.  The couple shares a passion for gardening and the landscape design combines aesthetics with functional usage.

Private Residence, Oxford, MD                               Residential Design/Build

An eastern shore estate nestled on the banks of the Tred Avon River in Oxford, MD, the elegant custom designed home with its sprawling angled wings is positioned on the site to maximize stunning views of the river from the rear of the house. Our Landscape Architect had the challenge of tying together the existing elements of the house using a limited plant palette due to Eastern Shore conditions. He also had to take into consideration plant size and mature heights in order to leave an unobstructed view of the river.

Crescent at Falls Church, VA                                               Commercial Installation

Crescent at Falls Church is a high end mixed use development with luxury residential apartments and 6,500 square feet of retail space located five miles from downtown, Washington, DC.

The apartment building and retail space are surrounded by beautiful, mature landscaping abundant in two courtyards and areas surrounding the building. Each courtyard includes an outdoor sitting area including a fireplace, fire pit, and grilling station. A water feature, accented by a fountain, is located at the base of the stairs leading to the main courtyard area.  Trees line the courtyards and walkways creating a beautiful and intimate residential setting for the residents.

Crescent at Falls Church is a LEED Certified complex with over 45% of the site landscaped and supported by a high efficiency drip irrigation system utilizing collected rainwater.



Muddy Branch Square, Gaithersburg, MD                Commercial Maintenance

Muddy Branch Square, is a 6 acre high-end retail shopping center designed to create the look and feel of Colonial Williamsburg. The maintenance is performed to an attention of detail more commonly associated with residential properties requiring substantial pruning and weeding.  Seasonal color flower rotations occur in the spring, early summer and fall.

Crape myrtles line the islands in the parking lot while perennials and annuals add texture and intense color to the entire landscape. All trees and shrubs are tightly hand sheared to establish a formal landscaping style while creating an ambiance which welcomes customers as they begin their shopping experience.

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Chapel Valley Landscape Receives Three National Awards

Chapel Valley Landscape was the recipient of three national awards at the Green Industry Conference in Louisville, Kentucky held in October 2011. The awards were presented by PLANET, the Professional Landcare Network, an international association comprised of lawn care professionals, exterior maintenance contractors, installation/design/build professionals, and interiors landscapers. Founded in 1968, Chapel Valley has received over 250 national and regional awards for commercial and residential design, installation and maintenance projects.


At the Green Industry Conference this year, the Company was recognized with three national merit awards: Residential Design/Build for a Private Residence in Oxford, Maryland; Commercial Maintenance category for Muddy Branch Square, a high end shopping center located in Gaithersburg, MD; and Commercial Construction for our installation at Crescent at Falls Church, a high end mixed development project located just outside of Washington, DC..


Private Residential Residence, Oxford, Maryland         Residential Design/Build






Muddy Branch Square                                                  Commercial Maintenance





Crescent at Falls Church                                                     Commercial Installation






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Residential Maintenance- NW Washington, DC

Chapel Valley maintains this property in NW Washington, DC. We have been maintaining the site for over 16 years. 

Maintenance on site includes extensive flower rotations three times a year. Each week we must rake the pea gravel seen around this fountain and also in the driveway.

The site includes a formal garden that requires great attention to detail and weekly shearing.

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Residential Maintenance Property in Potomac, MD.

We provide a comprehensive maintenance program for this site.

The maintenance includes multiple flower rotations for both seasonal color in the beds as well as multiple pots on the property.

We also provided the installation of the landscape on this property.

This water feature is surrounded by a burst of color with annual flowers.

A warm and welcoming walkway connects the features on site.

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Private Residence, Lutherville MD- Residential Maintenance Property

A wooded property in Lutherville, MD.

Our crews maintain the turf, plant material, gravel drive, & water feature.

The site bursts with color, adding an element of interest.

Lively and brightly colored plants fill outstanding landscape.

The water feature is flanked with plants creating a relaxing atmosphere.

A swing is nestled in the landscape providing a space for relaxation on the wooded grounds.

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Incorporating Annuals In the Landscape

Commercial Maintenance. Herndon, VA

Annual plants are an excellent way to add color and accent to your landscape. Annuals can be used to add variety and add an additional element of color to landscapes that focus largely on trees and shrubs.

Annuals have many different uses and the colors, whether they are a brighter shade or lighter shade, can be used as focal points in a landscape on both commercial and residential sites. The focal points are generally used to designate entry and add a welcoming atmosphere to a space or building on residential, commercial, or retail sites.

Annual plantings can also increase property value by creating a more aesthetically pleasing landscape, drawing customers onto commercial sites and creating a calming and welcoming area at residential properties.

Annual beds can be combined in existing beds or have their own space in a landscape or garden. Annual beds are best combined with existing beds, where larger beds compliment the annual beds well giving the annuals more opportunity to either contrast or compliment the surrounding plantings.

In highly commercialized areas such as shopping malls, outdoor seating areas for restaurants, and medians, annuals can be used to break up large masses of concrete and buildings. Annuals can also be featured in pots or small beds adding aesthetic value to areas with limited green space.

Annuals are a great way to add a splash of color creating additional appeal to your landscape by introducing an eye drawing pop of color. They are an excellent addition to your existing plantings and create a welcoming atmosphere to your home or business.




Chapel Valley Landscape Company is a full service exterior landscape company that services Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC. Founded in 1968 Chapel Valley is the 30th  largest landscape company in the nation. Chapel Valley’s services include design/build, installation, comprehensive maintenance and landcare, irrigation/water  management, hardscaping, lighting, green roof technology, and snow removal.

Chapel Valley Landscape recently received two National Awards at the Green Industry Conference in Louisville, Kentucky. The awards were present by PLANET, the Professional Landcare Network, an international association serving lawn care professionals, exterior maintenance contractors, installation/design/build professionals, and interiorscapers.

Since our founding in 1968 Chapel Valley has received over 250 Awards for our work with design, installation, and maintenance.

We were awarded a National Award in the category of Residential Design/Build for a Private Residence in St. Michaels, Maryland. We would like to thank all employees involved in the project for their hard work. You can view the photos of the award winning site below. 

Photography by Chapel Valley Landscape Company

We were also award a National Award in the Residential Landscape Maintenance category for a Private Residence in Baltimore, Maryland. We would like to once again thank all employees involved in this project for their hard work. Pictures of the award winning site can be viewed below. 

Photography by Roger Foley

It all started a few years ago when I decided to attend a Career Fair for students in the College of Agriculture at Penn State. My goal was to make some connections and explore what opportunities were available after graduating college. At this time I realized I was lacking in physical, hands on experience in the landscape field. It was odd; I was working to complete a degree in Landscape Contracting, having never worked in the field. That was when I knew I needed to get to work; I needed to participate in an internship program.

My first choice was to intern with a company that would place me in a rotational internship situation. Since I really wasn’t sure what I wanted to do I figured this would be the best way to experience the many facets of landscape contracting.  I was selected for a summer internship with Chapel Valley Landscape Company, a full-service landscape contractor in the Baltimore-Washington-Northern Virginia corridor. The internship was a 12-week program enabling me to gain a real world perspective of both residential and commercial installation, maintenance, and irrigation, as well as corporate support functions.

My internship experience enabled me to learn a lot about myself, such as I prefer commercial work over residential and installation over maintenance. I determined that estimating wasn’t right for me, marketing made sense, and that I could navigate roads larger than two lanes (I’m originally from a small town). I was able to spend time working in the shop learning how to change oil and rotate tires. I worked on green roofs and large estates. I helped fix broken irrigation systems and install new ones. I helped lay down hardscapes and layout designs. My plant identification skills expanded with each job I worked and my Spanish skills were growing every day. My internship helped me narrow down my interests and hone in on what I enjoyed and what I was good at.

Internships are one of the best ways to help a student grow. They provide hands on training for the real world, working on real jobs. Interning with Chapel Valley gave me a chance to figure out what I wanted to do after college. I was able to define my strengths, and become more familiar and confident in the landscape field. 

Now is the prime time to explore internship programs, don’t let this opportunity pass you by, take advantage of the summer and see what is out there for you.

Check out more information on Chapel Valley’s Internship Program, including our mentorship program, rotational schedule, and benefits. 

For additional information or questions regarding the article contact info@chapelvalley.com