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commercial landscaping in atlanta spotlight on the beauty of blue ice

If you swung by our booth at Vornado’s Green Fair Conference last April, chances are you noticed that we had Amsonia Tabernemontana on display. Also known as Blue Ice, it is often added to commercial landscaping in Atlanta for many reasons. Today, we wanted to share some of those reasons and temporarily highlight the attractive, native plant.

Widely considered a warm weather perennial, it grows well in USDA Zones 4 through 9. Atlanta is Zone 7b and the rest of Georgia runs from 6a to 9a. So, Blue Ice will feasibly thrive in all areas of the Peach State as long as the soil content is right. In this case, the optimum locations are ones known to have well-drained but moist, nutrient rich, neutral soil and full or partial sun.

Ideally, the area should also have enough space to accommodate the plant’s characteristic, slow-moving spread of 18 to 24-inches. Height wise, we are talking about a 12 to 16-inch allowance. And if the plant does thrive, you can count on it producing green foliage that has a slightly blue tint. In some areas, the foliage will also change colors in the fall. Our commercial landscapers have seen some turn a beautiful, golden hue.

As for the blooms, they have a star shape and tend to form charming, periwinkle blue clusters in the late spring. In general, the clusters will generally stick around for 30 to 40 days. However, it is not unusual for the Atlanta region’s seasonal variances to cause the blooms to linger a little longer or fade away faster. Either way, they make an excellent ground cover in commercial locations and pair well with other flowering perennials.

Beside the benefits we already touched upon, Blue Ice is known to turn off foraging herbivores and common pests. It is also drought resistant and needs little, if any, commercial landscaping attention after the initial planting activities are complete. Consequently, many Atlanta businesses find it’s the perfect plant for their commercial landscaping needs. To learn more about Blue Ice and other native plants our commercial landscapers would recommend to Atlanta businesses operating in USDA Zone 7b, please contact us today.

Chapel Valley Wins Post Properties First Annual Tulip Competition

Chapel Valley is the winner of Post Properties first annual tulip competition. Out of 20 pictures submitted from vendors across the country, Chapel Valley had the most votes for their purple tulips at Post Carlyle, a multifamily complex located in Alexandria, VA. 

Post Properties is one of the largest developers and operators of upscale multifamily communities in the United States with ownership of more than 22,000 apartment units in 58 communities. 

Below are the other two photos we submitted:Post Park in Hyattsville, MD (left)  and Post Tysons in McLean, VA (right)


Post Tysons Courtyard       Post Tysons


make your landscape special with commercial landscaping norfolk va

Whether you just purchased a commercial property or you are looking to make improvements to your existing property, you should look into commercial landscaping to accomplish this goal.

While a basic landscape that is economical and functional can work, a well-designed landscape can have a substantial impact on your customers’ initial impression of your business.

Design and Install Gardens

Although gardens require routine maintenance, there is no denying how incredible they can look. Additionally, if you run a restaurant or sell food or drink within your business, you can grow fruit, vegetables, or herbs in your garden, which you can then translate into using for your business.

Install Irrigation Systems

To avoid having to water your commercial property on a daily basis, you should invest in the installation of an irrigation system to take care of this responsibility. It is also helpful because these systems can be customized quite extensively, thus allowing you to make changes to guarantee proper watering.

Install Lawn Properly                              

If you are interested in adding lawn to your property, you should get it professionally installed. A brand-new lawn can give your property the vibrancy it needs to stand out in appearance.

Plant Trees

Bringing in partially grown trees can have an instant impact on your property. Depending on how the trees are placed, they can eventually provide your business with protection from the sun, which can reduce the need to use air conditioning in the spring and summertime.

While these particular projects can make your landscape special, there are plenty of other projects that you can take on landscape-wise to improve the outside of your commercial property.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at any time.

Chapel Valley Sponsors the Innsbrook Classic- Richmond, VA

Chapel Valley Landscape Company & guests participated in the Innsbrook Classic, a golf tournament that raises money for St. Josheph’s Villa, a local charity based in Richmond.

St. Joseph’s Villa is the longest continuously operating children’s nonprofit organization in the country and was founded in 1834 by the Daughters of Charity. 


Picture: Steve Bonniville, Josh Richman, & Bill Benoit at the hole we sponsored.

enjoy proper fertilization with commercial landscape maintenance sterling va

While fertilization is a common practice for people when first growing grass and plants, these practices tend to disappear as time goes on and the grass and plants grow into maturity. It is possible for plant growth to be completely fine without the use of fertilization, but there are many benefits to enjoy when you combine professional help, commercial landscape maintenance, and proper fertilization.

Become Resistant to Disease and Pests

If pests or disease were ever a problem on your landscape, fertilization will make your plants, trees, and grass more resistant to these time-consuming and expensive nuisances. By investing in fertilization and preventive measures to keep disease and pests away, you will seldom have to deal with these issues.

Improves Health and Appearance

Overall, you will enjoy a healthier landscape, which also means a more beautiful landscape with proper and routine fertilization. It is a practice that plants can benefit from throughout their entire lifetime.

Keeping a healthy and good-looking landscape should be a top priority for any business, so incorporating fertilization into commercial landscape maintenance is a smart decision.

Prevent Soil Erosion with Healthy Roots

When the rain starts pouring, you will be glad to have fertilized grass because fertilization strengthens the roots, which prevents erosion from happening. Also, the grass blades become stronger, which reduces their chance of getting damaged from people stepping on the grass or during severe weather.

With a healthier landscape, you get to worry less about potential landscape problems making the area look less appealing, which could lead to negative first impressions.

If you have any questions about our services or fertilization, please contact us today.

get routine commercial landscaping in atlanta to maintain a beautiful landscape atlanta ga

In many situations, the first impression that a customer or client has on your business comes from what they see on the outside, which often involves landscaping. Impressing a person immediately will make it easier to gain a customer or client as they proceed to interact with your business.

While getting landscaping services as they are needed can keep your landscape from having major problems, you will find that routine commercial landscaping in Atlanta is an ideal solution.

Assess and Handle Problems as They Develop

It is inevitable that problems will happen with your landscape. However, it is how these problems are handled that matters the most, and with routine services, they can be assessed and resolved quickly.

Maintain Plant and Tree Health

One of the most crucial responsibilities of landscaping professionals is to maintain plant and tree health. For your property to look good, your plants and trees need to be thriving. This requires regular care, but also taking care of any pests, diseases, or weather-related problems that may come about.

Prune and Trim to Maintain a Clean Look

An important step in keeping plants and trees healthy is trimming and pruning them. Trees that become overgrown are more prone to breakage, which is dangerous for people and harmful to the tree.

Also, proper and timely pruning and trimming keeps your commercial property looking well-maintained, which is exactly what you need to give off a positive impression to others.

If you have any questions about landscaping services or are interested in getting them, contact us.

commercial landscaping in atlanta is best left to smart seasoned pros atlanta gaCommercial landscaping in Atlanta is not a do-it-yourself task and the same may be said for commercial irrigation. Why? The Peach State is thriving. Each year, a large number of people and businesses move to Hot-lanta. However, the metropolitan statistical area’s climate and landscape often take transplants by surprise. They don’t realize that the surface water supply is limited and the region frequently toggles between periods of drought and sudden downpours. The climate also makes the area’s vegetation prone to diseases and insect infestations that are not found in other parts of the country.

Plus, there are soil variations and government regulations to consider as well. For example, did you know that it is against regulations to cut down a tree in certain areas without permission? In addition, commercial property owners must also contend with tree recompense fees, city-approved irrigation meters and features like stream buffers. There are even rules governing which plants or trees may be planted in the area and where. So, choosing commercial landscaping companies that are familiar with Atlanta’s climate, list of invasive species, regulations and the like is clearly of the utmost importance.

At Chapel Valley, we fully understand what’s involved when it comes to commercial irrigation, stormwater management and landscaping in Atlanta. Furthermore, we have location that is conveniently situated in Canton. For those unfamiliar with the state’s layout, our office is north of Atlanta’s downtown area and well within a 50 mile radius. As such, commercial clients can rest assured that we have the local connections and resources needed to complete projects on time as well as within or under budget.

To learn more about commercial landscaping in Atlanta and which services we can provide in other areas, please contact us today. We have more than 45 years industry experience and are poised to help all businesses within our Canton location’s service area.

Are your Cherry Laurels Safe from Peachtree Borers?

Cherry laurels are a popular plant used in commercial landscapes—they are hardy, very deer resistant, have a nice flower display, and are are susceptible to two major insects: peachtree borer and white Prunicola scale. However, if cherry laurels are not planted in the correct soil, then they are more likely to become stressed and weakened. Stanton Gill, IPM specialists at the UMD extension program, says cherry laurels “perform poorly in heavy clay soils, especially ones that do not drain well.”

If this occurs, then the plant will be vulnerable to pests—especially peachtree borers. Females lay their eggs at the base of the plant, and are most active in early July. If you do not use a protectant spay, the larvae will invade and eat the cambial tissue and girdles of the plant. The University of Maryland extension program suggests using either bifenthrin (Onyx) or permethrin to control peachtree borers.

Also, if you see sap oozing at the base of the tree, there is a chance it is infested with peach borers. Be sure to keep an eye out for this.

Vornado Green Fair

web 1

For the second year in a row, Chapel Valley exhibited at Vornado’s Green Fair Conference, located in Arlington, Virginia on April 16th. Vornado/Charles E. Smith is the Washington division of Vornado Realty Trust and is the largest owner of LEED certified buildings in the DC Metro area.

The purpose of Vornado’s Green Fair is to educate their engineering department and property managers on the latest sustainability practices. At our booth, we were able to share the sustainable options that we have to offer for commercial landscaping— organic plant health care, use of beneficial insects, rain water collection, use of native plants, and low flow irrigation systems equipped with smart controllers, which are great for companies that wish to incorporate green

The native plants we raffled off and had on display included: Callicarpa diich. (Early Amethyst), Clethra alnifolia (Sixteen Candles), Aquilegia Canadensis (Little Lanterns), Heuchera Sanuinea (Snow Angel), Oenothera Speciosa (Siskiyou), Amsonia Tab (Blue Ice), Baptisia Australis, Calamagrastis X (Karl Forester), Eragrostis Spectablis, and Coreopsis Vert (Moonbeam)— all are great for sustainable landscaping. practices in their landscape management plan.

 Earth Day & the National Association of Landscape Professionals Day of Service

BeforeAfter Collage web

In celebration of Earth Day and the National Association of Landscape Professionals Day of Service, Chapel Valley Landscape Company teamed up with the Arlington Partnership for Affordable Housing (APAH), to cleanup and install plantings at the Buchanan Gardens Apartments located in Arlington, Virginia on Wednesday, April 22nd.

The annual NALP Day of Service is a grassroots event that allows lawn and landscape professionals to organize volunteer projects which beautify the ground of schools, parks, playgrounds, senior centers, shelters, and anywhere that people enjoy green spaces. It is a great opportunity to show the community their professionalism and commitment to the industry.

The APAH is the only nonprofit affordable housing developer working exclusively in Arlington County. Their mission is to develop, preserve, own, and advocate for quality affordable housing in Arlington, and to promote an opportunity for their residents through partnerships and programs.

 Blossoms of Hope Golf Tournament

Blossoms of Hope web

On April 24th, Chapel Valley participated in the “PINK GREENS” Golf Classic, a fundraising tournament for BLOSSOMS OF HOPE—the Howard County cherry tree project in support of the Caludia Mayer/Tina Broccolino Cancer Resource Center at Howard County General Hospital.

 The CAI Annual Conference and Exposition

For the first time, Chapel Valley is exhibiting at the CAI Annual Conference and Exposition—this is a national event, held at Caesars Palace Las Vegas, from April 29th-May 2nd. Our presence at the conference will give us the opportunity to meet and network with community association peers.

At the conference, we will share our latest innovative practices and future plans for growth with community managers, management company executives, and community association homeowner leaders. Our goal is to find partners who want to grow into new markets, while maintaining excellent commitment to quality and customer service.


residential landscaping for the non gardener alexandria vaWould you love to be greeted by pretty flowers and a lovely yard when you come home but you just don't know how to keep your yard looking beautiful?  Residential landscape maintenance can be a little intimidating - especially for people who weren't born with a trowel in their hands. That's where we can help, because we have the knowledge and experience that comes from many years of planting and caring for flowers.

Let us design and plant a garden for you that will bring a smile to your face every time you come home or look out the window. Choose your favorite colors and we'll design a flower bed to match. Not sure if the colors you like will look good together? Find a pillow, piece of clothing or fabric you love and we'll find flowers to match.

We'll also make sure that there are a variety of textures and shapes in your flower bed. After all, it's the mix of colors, shapes, heights and textures that take a flower bed from ho-hum to intriguing and inviting.

Another concern we will address is the care required to keep your flower garden looking gorgeous. If you would like to learn how to garden, we can choose plants that will give you a better chance of success. We can also provide regular, professional maintenance and care if you would prefer to spend your time admiring flowers rather than fertilizing them.

Whatever size, shape or type of flower garden you desire, we can help. Visit our photo gallery for examples of some beautiful garden designs and be sure to contact us with any questions you may have.

create functional and attractive walkways with professional hardscape design sterling vaHardscape on most properties is rather extensive, and this is all outdoor and non-living fixtures fall into this category. It is important to maintain your hardscape, but if it is lacking in the first place, you should look towards bringing in an addition to enhance the overall look and function of your outdoor space.

Going for a new walkway is a great way to utilize professional hardscape design.

Choose Your Material of Choice

When it comes to choosing the material, you have quite a few options, which is also beneficial because it allows you to really pick a material you will enjoy, along with helping your home look unique. Natural stone and brick are fairly expensive options, but the outcome is incredible. However, you can go for gravel or concrete, which are a lot cheaper, thus making it easier for homeowners to fit small budgets.

Get Creative with the Design

Although it depends on the material used that will determine how creative a design can be, most materials can produce some outstanding-looking walkways with a professional on the job. If you want to go for a traditional and functional look, you can certainly do this, but it is also possible to aim for certain stylized look, especially if it is your own home as you should get it to match the rest of your home.

Fill the Surrounding Area

Once you have the material chosen and the design decided upon, you need to think about how you want to fill in the surrounding area, especially in a home you intend on living in for years. It is ideal to look for sturdy and long-lasting plants to surround the walkway as this will make it easy to keep your walkway looking incredible throughout the entire year, even in the harsh months.

Another addition to consider is solar lighting, which is great for lighting up the walkway and making it look professional and inviting. Having solar lights placed in the ground will help you get sufficient lighting at nighttime, and without needing to spend any time or money on getting the light you need.

Proper hardscape design can make a huge improvement to any outdoor space.

Contact us to learn more about your options for hardscape design.

landscaping maintenance compay

Yard and garden landscaping projects look great when done right, but you may find when you actually start the process that it’s a little tougher than you expected. Don’t get frustrated; all you need is a little support and guidance. Whether you’re looking at commercial landscaping or residential landscaping, there are some rules that will guide you on the path to success. Here are 10 tips to follow as you create and implement a landscaping plan:

  1. Put Curb Appeal Before Backyard Landscaping

    Start with curb appeal first, both because it will increase the value of your property -- landscaping along the curb can increase home value by about 4.4% and adding hedges can boost it by 3.6% -- and because accomplishing this smaller task will give you the confidence to move on to the backyard.

  2. Pay Attention to the Basics of Soil and Sun

    Take the time before planting to have your soil assessed, and choose plants that can work well in that type of soil. It’s also very important that you take into account the amount of sun plants are likely to get; if they get too little light they’ll be sickly, but if they get too much they’ll burn.

  3. Work With Native Plants Whenever Possible

    Native plants will require less nurturing and keep your watering costs down.

  4. Buy High-Quality Plants and Outdoor Furnishings

    The outdoors is hard on natural and man-made materials alike, which is why it’s worth investing in high-quality pieces. If you don’t, you’ll end up buying replacements every season and spending more money in the long run.

  5. Make the Most of Hardscaping Materials

    If you’re hoping to keep your overall maintenance down while maximizing function, invest in quality hardscaping such as patios, walkways, benches, arches, retaining walls and outdoor fireplaces. These materials don’t take very much upkeep, but they make your outdoor space feel special regardless.

  6. Remember the Importance of Landscape Lighting

    A little lighting goes a long way in landscaping, but it’s vital for both safety and aesthetics.

  7. Incorporate Plants of Widely Varying Scales

    The best way to achieve a pleasantly balanced design is to incorporate plants of many different sizes, layering trees, shrubs and small flowers to provide variety.

  8. Use Few Straight Lines but Maintain Efficiency

    Straight lines tend to look harsh and are difficult to maintain, so incorporating some curves will make your landscape design feel more inviting and make it easier to deal with. Make sure, however, that there are still efficient walking routes; otherwise, people are likely to take a shortcut across your grass.

  9. Plan Out Your Seasonal Care Well in Advance

    Don’t be scrambling to deal with each season as it comes -- preparing at least one season in advance will help you minimize damage in the fall and winter and bounce back more quickly in the spring and summer.

  10. Invest in a Landscaping Maintenance Company

    A recent national survey found that 81% of people with a yard say upkeep is important to the overall look of their home. But are you willing to do all that maintenance to keep your yard in top shape? It may be best to budget a landscaping maintenance company into your plan from the start.

Do you hire a landscaping maintenance company, or do you try to tackle all your own yard work? Share your thoughts -- and any of your own landscaping tips -- in the comments.


From March 12-15, 2015, PLANET continued their tradition of bringing students and industry members together for Student Career Days. This year, we had four representatives at the career fair and were the lead sponsors of the "sales presentation event." From the Career Fair, we were exposed to over 850 students from 65 colleges across the United States. This gave us the opportunity to meet with highly qualified candidates that could potentially join our team. Participation in the "sales presentation event" allowed us to watch students compete in challenges designed to test their abilities and skills needed for a career in the landscaping industry.

At the event, PLANET's Landscape Career Guide was handed out and in it was an article featured on our internship program. Throughout our internship program, students rotate among various company branches, including residential installation, commercial installation, residential maintenance, commercial maintenance, water management, design, sales, estimating and integrated pest management. We believe this experience will give students the competitive advantage they need to enter the workforce.


SCD web

1. Decorative Plant Containers
A great way to liven up the exterior of your property is with decorative planters. Placed at the building's entrance, walkways, or courtyard, decorative planters require little maintenance and are versatile, making them a simple yet elegant enhancement.

Market Commons

  PostCarlyle  centerpark


2. Fuller, larger, & more colorful Flower Beds

Want your site to make more of an impact? Try making your flower beds fuller, larger, & more colorful. Use them to highlight key areas of your property— around the signage, along the entry driveway, adjacent to the building entrance—the perfect spaces for attracting tenants.

post fallsgrove tulips   post fallsgrove 5   flowers

3. Focal Points
As a way to heighten and expand visitor experience, try adding some focal points to your property. Keep it simple with interesting lighting or go above and beyond with waterfalls, fountains, and more.

08 Post Block waterfountain             Stony Point 2            post lights

Excellence is an Attitude

"A man is known by the company he keeps." - English Proverb

Excellence comes not just as a result of hard work, it is an attitude. Companies that approach excellence as an attitude continually challenge themselves to do better.
You can spot people and companies with this viewpoint, by noting the types of professional affiliations they have. People become active in professional organizations because they want to continuously raise the bar for themselves and their work.

At Chapel Valley, we are focused on excellence, we value our professional affiliations. We are proud members of the National Association of Landscape Professionals. One of the association's key tenets is defining and maintaining the highest standards of professionalism in the landscape industry. As of April 2015, the organization will change its name from PLANET, (the Professional Landcare Network), to the National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP) in order to better reflect its commitment to nurturing excellence within our industry.

By being with others who aim to achieve high standards, and encouraging us to exceed those standards, we are able to bring more to our customers. Through NALP, we are increasing our expertise, and our employees are able to network with industry experts and share innovative practices. We are also able to expand on our dedication to community service through the association's service projects.

Our professional affiliations ensure that our approach to excellence is not only supported, but it's actively encouraged and sustained. Look for professional affiliations when you are buying a product or service; it lets you know that a company is committed to excellence.

plant health care its almost time to tend to those spring perennials chevy chase mdIt’s almost springtime in Maryland and Virginia. So, now is the time to think about planning those perennials. This is especially the case if you are hoping to have your property awash with color in time for late summer and early fall. Of course it is also the time to take plant health care into account because the perennials that were planted in late summer and early fall of last year should be about ready to make their first appearances.

For instance, in March, there are various plants that should start to bloom or show signs of activity in parts of Virginia and Maryland. The long list includes, but doesn’t end with merrybells, azaleas, spreading Jacob’s ladder, wild geraniums and Virginia bluebells. Some of them, like spreading Jacob’s ladder and Virginia bluebells, should be divided early on to keep them healthy. Others may need to be staked for support purposes.

The soil surrounding springtime bloomers may need to be amended as well. After all, some perennials love acidic soil and others do not. Azaleas are good examples of spring flowers that require a certain type of soil to remain healthy. They tend to prefer pH levels that are 6.0 or less. Understandably, a commercial or residential list of spring plant health care tasks should include much more than dividing activities and soil amendments.

In the spring, it is important to check perennials for early signs of disease, insects and winter damage. Depending on what is found it may be necessary to repair splits, remove damaged leaves and apply repellents. If Mother Nature decides to act fickle, mulching the areas around perennials and using other soil insulators may be necessary too. To learn more about spring plant care, please contact us at the Chapel Valley Landscape Company. We can take care of all the spring landscaping work that needs to be done to your Maryland or Virginia properties right away.

landscape installation service

If you’re living in the eastern half of the country and still getting pummeled by winter storms, you might be thinking more about snow removal plans than you are about how to help your lawn bounce back from this frigid winter. But spring is actually less than a month away, which means this is the right time to get started on your plans for the growing season.

Why should you invest in some residential landscaping ideas this year? For one, you’ll increase the value of your home. It’s estimated that good landscaping ups the value of a house by between 7% and 15%. Even small changes can make a big difference; landscaped curbs can increase overall home value by 4.4%, and just hedges can increase home value by 3.6%. But it’s not all about the money, either. A survey asking people why they garden found that 44% just wanted to be outdoors, 42% wanted to be surround by beauty, 39% wanted to relax and escape everyday pressures, and 35% wanted to get more exercise. After spending a long winter cooped up inside, those are reasons probably anyone can sympathize with. Here are five ways you can get ready to spruce up your outdoor space:

  1. Prepare Your Lawn Tools

    After a winter in the garage or basement, your lawn care tools may not be in the best shape. Start off the season with a sharp new blade on your lawn mower, and ensure that everything is properly cleaned and lubricated. You should also make sure you have tools such as a rake and aerator on hand, since these will help you get your lawn in better shape faster once the snow melts.

  2. Assess Pruning Needs

    Any broken or otherwise damaged branches on your trees and shrubs ought to be pruned before the weather gets too warm and the growing season actually starts. Keep in mind that any branches that are heavy or high off the ground should be handled by professionals; it’s still too slippery and icy for most homeowners to safely tackle these tasks.

  3. Plan Some Perennials

    As the snow recedes, take note of bare spots in your yard and choose some colorful perennials that can fill them in with minimal planting work. You can talk to your landscapers about which plants will be best for your region and which local nurseries offer the best quality.

  4. Attract Birds and Bees

    With spring comes all sorts of new life -- including harmful bugs that feed on your plants. Birds can eat literally thousands of bugs per day, so it’s worth installing some bird baths or feeders in your garden (you’ll get some pleasant serenades, as well). You should also make sure your yard has plants and flowers that attract bees, since they’re vital for pollination purposes.

  5. Book Professionals Now

    If you’re planning on doing some work that requires a professional landscape installation service, you should be choosing a residential landscaping company as soon as possible. There can be a rush for landscape installation services in the spring (unsurprisingly), and you don’t want to get stuck at the back of the line.

Will you be hiring a landscape installation service this spring, or are you going to try to handle your projects on your own? Discuss in the comments.

residential landscaping that helps you telework mclean vaMaryland, Virginia, and Washington DC are rated as the some of the best places for teleworking, or working from home. We want to help you make your teleworking more enjoyable by focusing on your residential landscaping.

How can we do that?

If you are teleworking, then you want a view outside your home office that is soothing and not distracting. You want stimulating visuals that help keep your brain engaged in your work, yet don't distract you with weeds that need pulled.

So, to help you with that, we would come to your house, look out your office window and talk about what you find enjoyable to look at and what you don't find enjoyable.

Then we would go outside and map out flower gardens that will give your eyes visual stimulation. We will make sure there is ground cover or mulch to stunt weed growth. If you like to watch butterflies or hummingbirds we will include flowers, and even a feeder that will attract them. 

At the same time, we will make sure your entire landscape is soothing yet interesting to view and helps you enjoy your teleworking.

If you want a place to work outside when the weather permits, we will plan an area where you can access the Internet and work while breathing in the fresh air of the plants. We can design a gazebo area where you won't get the harmful rays of the sun, but you get the healthy Vitamin D from the sun.

We love to work with homeowners and create landscaping that helps you telework and helps you enjoy the fresh air and healthy environment of your plants. So, contact us today and let's get started on plans for your landscape.

residential landscaping with gladiators northern virginiaGladiolus is a vibrant flower named after the shape of its leaves. The leaves look like a sword, and the Latin word for sword is "gladius." The image of the sword leaves has come to represent the Gladiators.

The Gladiolus flower is a symbol of strength and moral integrity. When given to someone you love, the flower is a symbol that the person pierces your heart with passion.

This vibrant, sword-like flower came from Africa and Asia. The first species of the Gladiolus was brought to Europe in the mid 1700s. In 1745, the first Gladiolus was grown in England. After that, individuals started producing hybrids of the flower.

In the 1800s, many were producing the Gladiolus and different colors and varieties were on the market. From that day until now, gardeners are creating stunning versions of the original Gladiolus, including Ice Cap and White Ice in the 1980s. The Gladiolus is a flower popular with many showmen of flowers, yet can also be part of your residential landscaping today.

Today there are about 260 species of the Gladiolus. They are perennials, meaning they will grow year after year in your garden. You can have flowers that are pink, white, orange, etc. There is no end to the variety of colors to enhance your garden.

These are a taller flower, so they provide a fantastic backdrop to other plants. We can also use them create a short border. If you are wondering how the Gladiolus will create an area of strength in your landscaping, just contact us. We would love to come talk and help you out.

Photo Courtesy of Wikipedia Commons

residential landscaping with elegance and grace rockville mdAs you look at your yard, is there a corner of the yard that needs something? Is that corner just not fitting in with the rest of the yard? Why not add the flower of elegance and grace to that corner? This flower is a perennial, meaning once the bulb is planted it will continue to bloom until you remove the bulb.

What are we talking about? The Tulip, known as the flower of elegance and grace. The Tulip has a fascinating history.

In 1554 the first Tulips arrived in Vienna and by 1593 Tulips were popular in Europe. Since the Tulip was so different from any other flower at the time, it became a symbol of wealth and success to have Tulips planted in a garden.

In 1637, if you wanted to purchase a single Tulip bulb, you would pay between 3,000 and 4150 guilders, ten times the annual income of the average skilled craftsman. They called that Tulip Mania since the Tulip bulbs were so expensive! There are numerous books and research papers written on this period of time that focuses on the Tulip.

After the 1637 period of Tulip Mania, the bulbs were available to more and more people. That meant Tulips started appearing in everyone's gardens and eventually came to the United States.

Even though the flower is readily available for anyone's garden, the flower is still known as the flower of elegance and grace and is a symbol of success.

Let's look at that corner of your yard again. Wouldn't the Tulip be a great addition to your residential landscaping? We can help you decide the variety of Tulip that would be best for your hard, and we can help you create the perfect lighting for that corner. Just contact us and let's talk.