What Your Landscape Upkeep Says About Your Company

Perception matters, from the moment a potential client clicks on your website to the first time they walk into your building. The landscape that surrounds your business sets the tone for what they can expect from your business. A stellar impression of your company results in economic advantages as well as peace of mind for everyone interacting with your business. We’ve compiled a list of the many benefits of a strategically planned landscape:

  • Curb Appeal For Your Clients

The first thing a potential client will see when they visit your business is the exterior building and surroundings. Put your best foot forward from the parking lot to the front door. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to extend your branding into your landscape with creative ideas like on-brand colored planting beds. For simple fixes, our experts can add low-maintenance plants, decorative structures, and repair walkways to create a beautiful entrance. 

  • Boost Morale of Employees

Your employees are a crucial part of your business. With a robust economy, it’s easier than ever for employees to leave a job for the next best thing. That’s why it’s crucial to provide an appealing work environment to retain your employees. Inviting outdoor spaces like picnic tables outside for lunch, boost employee socialization and happiness. Colorful flowers not only transform the view from the outside but from the windows your employees look through. Have eye-sores like dumpsters or gas meters? We have solutions like fencing and plants to cover up those structures.

  • Customer Confidence That It’s A Well-run Business

Your commercial building should look pristine and put-together. If a building’s exterior looks overgrown and outdated, people will conclude that the business inside is not run with care. Once your landscape space is designed and executed it’s just as important to continue to maintain the property. Our services include ongoing maintenance so you don’t have to worry about upkeep. There’s mowing, pruning, trimming, watering and much more required to keep your property beautiful year-round. And Chapel Valley takes care of the scheduling, so it’s one less thing on your to-do list.

  •  Increase the Value of Your Property

If you own your commercial building, landscaping can increase your property value by thousands of dollars. Even if you’re not planning to sell the building any time soon, it can translate into increased interest from potential tenants and increased lease rates. 

Does your company’s exterior need an upgrade? Our experienced team can execute the perfect renovation and design for your landscaping needs from conception through completion to maintenance.

Let our experts advise you – schedule your free consultation today!

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