Chapel Valley Designates October 17th to 21st “Safety Week”

To reiterate the company’s slogan “Safety First”, the week of October 17th-21st has been designated as our annual “Chapel Valley Safety Week”. “Our goal is to create an atmosphere of greater safety awareness and make sure that safety is everyone’s first priority. We are taking a ‘back to the basics’ approach and the goal is to continue to educate and reinforce all our safety practices,” said James Reeve, President, and CEO. Read more »

Battle of the Branches- Soccer Game

Chapel Valley will be holding a battle of the branches soccer game on Saturday October 15th. We will have two teams of employees playing for their region’s pride representing the different offices.

Otto Herrarte (pictured above on left) is leading the Virginia team in their quest for the trophy, while Miguel Cedillo (above on right) has gathered his men to play for Maryland pride.

Who will win? Check back for updates on the Battle of the Branches!

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Landscape Lighting

Lighting is an important element in the functional landscape. It can be used to highlight a focal point, extend the use of the landscape, and increase safety and security. Including lighting in your landscape allows you to highlight important aspects in your design. Incorporating up lighting will give your landscape a more defined look while angling the light downward creates a more relaxing atmosphere. Read more »

St. Michaels Estate

Check out a great article from Chesapeake home+living about a St. Michaels Estate. We designed and installed the landscape on the property!

The property is also a 2010 Landscape Award Winner receiving a Grand Award from Landscape Contractors Association, LCA for Total Residential Contracting and a Merit Award from the Professional Landcare Network, PLANET for Residential Design/Build.

Incorporating Annuals In the Landscape

Annual plants are an excellent way to add color and accent to your landscape. Annuals can be used to add variety and add an additional element of color to landscapes that focus largely on trees and shrubs.

Annuals have many different uses and the colors, whether they are a brighter shade or lighter shade, can be used as focal points in a landscape on both commercial and residential sites. The focal points are generally used to designate entry and add a welcoming atmosphere to a space or building on residential, commercial, or retail sites. Read more »

Examining Your Site Conditions

Examining your site conditions should be done before any planting or hardscaping projects are started. When checking your site conditions you should make sure to look at your soil properties as well as your drainage patterns.

You should start with a soil test at your commercial property. This test will help indicate appropriate plants for your specific site as well as what amendments need to be made in order to promote healthy plant growth. Read more »

Incorporating Stone In Your Landscape Design

There are many different types of stones that are available for hardscaping projects in the landscape. The most common stones that are incorporated into landscape designs include limestone, granite, sandstone, marble, and flagstone.

When it comes to durability you will want to use the harder stones such as flagstone and granite which will last the longest with the least amount of wear. Read more »

Working with a Master Plan

A comprehensive master plan can be an excellent investment before starting any landscape project. The cost of a master plan is relatively low compared to construction costs. “Utilizing a master plan through the planning process, you can be sure that all of your landscape investments will be geared towards your family’s long-term goals for the property.”-Tom Nugent, ASLA, Residential Sales Consultant, Chapel Valley Landscape. Read more »