Chapel Valley Designates October 17th to 21st “Safety Week”

To reiterate the company’s slogan “Safety First”, the week of October 17th-21st has been designated as our annual “Chapel Valley Safety Week”. “Our goal is to create an atmosphere of greater safety awareness and make sure that safety is everyone’s first priority. We are taking a ‘back to the basics’ approach and the goal is to continue to educate and reinforce all our safety practices,” said James Reeve, President, and CEO.

During “Safety Week” all managers will be performing on-site safety inspections for each crew, along with additional safety inspections conducted by the company’s safety committee.  Each crew will hold daily tailgate safety talks on various topics including; job site hazard analysis; OSHA requirements for personal protective equipment; vehicle, equipment, and site circle checks; and proper lifting techniques.

Each crew, as a group, will take a ‘Safety Test’ and answer questions covered in the safety topics reviewed throughout the week. All crews that score 100% on the test will be entered into a drawing for prizes.

Chapel Valley is committed to the safety of our employees and providing them with a safe workplace. Safety Week is one aspect of our ongoing, comprehensive safety program.

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