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Chapel Valley Landscape Planter Pot Contest

Planter Pots are a great way to add appeal to your property, for those with little or no garden space. They serve as colorful decorations, great focal points, and are fun to design. Place them on your deck, around the pool, the front steps, or the patio, to enhance your garden space.

Summer is the best season for people to display their planter pots. The sun is shining, and the climate is just right for planter pots to flourish. Now is your chance to show off all the hard work you have invested into your planter pots! Compete with our experts at Chapel Valley, along with others, for the chance to win a $100 VISA gift card and hold title as master container plant gardener.

Starting this month, submit your most elegant arrangements to the link below. Once submitted, we will take your photo and upload it to our Facebook page under the album “planter pot competition”, where your picture will be available for our followers to “like”. There is no limit to posting pictures, so feel free to upload as many as you want! You have from now until Labor Day, to upload photos of your most treasured arrangements.