Commercial Landscape Maintenance: Are You Ready for the Ice and Snow? | Northern Virginia

Whether you live in Washington, D.C. where the annual snowfall is around 23-inches or Baltimore, Maryland, where it’s not uncommon for the white stuff to get just as deep, one thing is certain. Commercial landscape maintenance is going to involve snowplows, shovels, and lots of deicer each year. So are you ready for the first Nor’easter to hit? If not, you’d best hop to it before November arrives. That’s when the first snowstorm is predicted to slam into the Capital Building and whip through the Inner Harbor. And the storm totals are only expected to pile up from there. So with that and the two state’s slip and fall laws in mind, it’s far better to be proactive than reactive.

Our Chapel Valley management team makes being proactive easy for existing and new clients. That’s because we provide round-the-clock, continuous service during Maryland and Virginia’s snowstorms. Plus, we know what snow and ice removal efforts can do to plants, hardscapes, and green roofs. Therefore, we take all of the precautions necessary to ensure that neither property nor people sustain irreparable damage in the process. That may include using eco-friendly, anti-slip, and deicer products like sand, peanut shells, crushed eggshells, and potassium chloride.

In addition, we can work with Maryland and Virginia firms to ensure that other commercial landscape maintenance issues are addressed before winter sets in too. For example, green roofs that have their own irrigation systems and are often exposed to strong winds and will certainly need to be winterized. That often involves tending to the beds, setting up windbreaks, emptying rain barrels, and draining drip irrigation lines. Taking steps to prevent vegetation from creating ice dams may be necessary as well.

To speak with our team of commercial landscaping maintenance experts about managing your Virginia or Maryland business’ snow and ice removal, please contact us.