commercial landscape maintenance make room for marvelous moonbeams atlanta ga

Commercial Landscape Maintenance: Make Room for Marvelous Moonbeams | Atlanta, GA

We know that native Georgian and The River of Winged Dreams’ author, Aberjhani, wasn’t talking about flowers when he said the following:

“Now come the whispers bearing bouquets of moonbeams and sunlight trembling.”

But our commercial landscape maintenance crew members can’t help recall his words when presented with a tray of Moonbeams. Also known as Coreopsis Verticillata, they are low maintenance perennials that produce showy, yellow blooms throughout the summer months. And that’s not all there is to love about these marvelous Moonbeams.

There is a lot about this herbaceous member of the Asteraceae that helps make it one of the Peach State’s favorite natives. For starters, it’s extremely tolerant of skin-soaking humidity, full sun, drought, high heat and sandy, so-so soil. Plus, if deadheaded at the right time, it is possible to get the plants to bloom twice, once in the summer and again in the fall.

Commercial property owners also adore Moonbeams for their ability to attract colorful butterflies as well as resist foragers, insects and disease. One word of caution though, it is prone to developing crown rot if left in wet soil for extended periods of time. Therefore, our commercial landscape maintenance team recommends placing it at the top of slopes, raised beds or in well-drained areas.

And don’t worry. Moonbeams handle rocky terrain well too. So rock garden and hardscapes won’t deter this hardy, low maintenance plant. As a matter of fact, they may prove to be the perfect areas for a cluster of Moonbeams. Just leave enough room for them to spread out 2-feet and reach similar heights. On top of that, you might want to keep in mind that it’s best to divide them periodically. We generally recommend doing so every three years or as needed.

To learn more about Moonbeams and other low maintenance, sterile cultivators that do well in Georgia’s USDA Zones, please contact us at Chapel Valley Landscaping.

Photo by I, Chrumps. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons