Commercial Landscaping: 5 Fab Ground Cover Plants for Green Roofs in DC | Washington DC

Have you decided to include a green roof as part of your DC firm’s commercial landscaping plans? Has the decision got you wondering which ground cover plants would require little maintenance and look fabulous? If so, you may want to think about utilizing one of the following five:

1.) Sedum (Assorted Varieties)

Sedums are among the first ground cover plants to consider for commercial landscaping projects in DC. Their leaves have the ability to retain water. So they are perfect for those businesses looking to rely on stormwater for irrigation. Of course, there are many different sedums to choose from. The list of flowering varieties that would work well in DC’s hardiness zones includes, but is not confined to ternatum, stoloniferum, lanceolatum, telephiodes and album.

2.) Delosperma

Speaking of succulent plant genus with many varieties, don’t forget about delosperma. They are known for their humidity sensing, hygrochastic capsules, and long-lasting, iridescent blooms. Species that tend to thrive in DC’s climate are the tiffendell magneta, ecklonis var. latifolia and cooperi.

3.) Asian Dunce Cap

Asian dune caps would also work well with green roof projects. They are herbaceous perennials that thrive in full sun and dry soil. In addition, they typically produce beautiful flowers in the fall and have lovely silver-gray leaves. Just make sure that you have them periodically checked, and treated for, aphid invasions.

4.) Fame Flower

We’d also recommend the flame flower. It’s also a herbaceous, flowering perennial that would look stunning incorporated into DC’s commercial landscaping. Only this one tends to flower in the mid-summer. For the best results, place it in green rooftop areas that feature sandy soil and perfect drainage.

5.) Hawk Weed

The last ideal ground cover plant on our list today is hawkweed. Don’t let the name deceive you. It is actually a member of the sunflower family. So you can count on it to produce attractive flowers too. To learn more about these and other great ground covers for commercial landscaping projects in DC, please contact us.