Commercial Landscaping Trends for 2014 | Charlottesville, VA

TCommercial Landscaping Trends for 2014 | Charlottesville, VAhe needs of commercial landscaping are somewhat different than the needs of private and personal landscaping, but the differences largely pertain to size and scale. Many designs can be used in a variety of landscape settings, and here are some commercial landscape trends to keep an eye on for the coming year.

Green Roofs

In urban areas, commercial landscape design centers around adding landscaping in very limited spaces. A big area of growth is on top of buildings, where gardens can be put in that help decrease pollution. Vertical landscaping, which adds foliage to the vertical surfaces of buildings (think creeping ivy), is also becoming popular. Both of these trends bear watching as they are relatively new and the long-term sustainability has yet to be seen.

Container Landscaping

Potted plans and other greenery are an excellent choice for areas with small, paved spaces (think apartment building roof) or for one-time events (think wedding). Container landscaping is also great for situations where the contents of the containers will be changed frequently.

Mediterranean Landscaping

Inspired by the landscape in places like Spain, Italy, and Greece, Mediterranean-style landscaping includes terra cotta flower pots, fountains, and decorative tiles. Plants that thrive in the dry, sunny climate of the Mediterranean, like citrus and juniper, also provide great aroma and visual appeal.


Low-water and low-maintenance landscaping is growing in popularity. Climate-appropriate plants with minimal water needs provide a beautiful look that fits a conservation theme. Solar-powered outdoor lighting is easy and effective and is a growing player in the eco-friendly market.

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