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Commercial Landscaping Using Indigenous Plants | Arlington, VA

commercial-landscaping-using-indigenous-plants-plants-arlington-vaThe landscaping at your business is a public statement about you and your business. Every person that comes to your business or goes by your business sees what is planted and has an opinion about it. They may or may not express it, but they have an opinion. You want that opinion to be positive.

We'd like to help you make a positive impression with your landscaping and to make a statement that you belong in that area. We'd like to help you create a positive image and have everyone who sees your business landscaping know that you care about the local area.

How can you do that? First, you need someone who is known for quality commercial landscaping, such as we are.

Second, follow the lead of groups who preserve the heritage of the local area. One group doing just that is the Seneca Nation that is committed to only using indigenous plants and trees in public landscaping. This helps preserve the local bees and butterflies, and help keep invasive plants out.

In northern Arizona, they are replacing invasive salt cedar and Russian olive trees with native willows and cottonwoods. Why does this matter in Arizona? Each salt cedar absorbs up to 20 gallons of water a day, while the native trees do not absorb this much water. By replacing invasive trees with native trees, Arizona is helping to preserve wetlands and conserve water.

Third, do a little research, or contact us and find out what plants are indigenous to your area. Replace those plants that are foreign, and then state in your marketing how you are supporting the local environment. It will make a statement that you belong, and that you care.

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