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Making Powerful First Impressions with Commercial Landscape Management

making powerful first impressions with commercial landscape management

First impressions are powerful mental images that determine a person's actions. Think about it for a minute. If there are two people to talk to at a party, do you talk with the one standing in the corner scowling and arms crossed, or do you talk with the person who is smiling, hands at sides or animatedly talking? The vast majority of us will avoid the scowling person because of body language.

The same is true of businesses. First impressions determine if a person will park in the parking lot, walk into the business, and stay long enough to do business. It does not matter if it is a restaurant, a store, or a church. If the building gives off a first impression similar to a scowling person, then most people will avoid the building. 

If you own a business, what can you do to give a great first impression? First step is to contact a commercial landscape management team like Chapel Valley. We understand the importance of first impressions and are committed to giving your business a great first impression.

We will come to your business and tell you our first impressions and how we can help you change the first impression of your business. This usually is not a complete makeover of your building. It is usually a few well-placed plants and flowers, repair of walkways, and moving some things such as dumpsters. We will focus on these areas.

1. Parking Lot. We will look at where customers park. Is it all pavement and concrete? To give a great first impression we will show you low maintenance plants that can be planted in the ground or in decorative pots. We will also show you how we can help you maintain these plants so you don't have to worry about them.

2. Walkway. If the walkway is cracked and has tripping hazards, we will show you different ways we can repair the walkway. We will also show you great ways to use pavers and other types of stones to give your business a first impression that says this business is not like all the other businesses so come check us out. As your commercial landscape management team, we will also help you maintain this walkway so it is always inviting to customers and is always safe.

3. Building space. We will look at how the building space looks from the street and walking to it. Our team will show you plants and flowers that draw customers' eyes toward your building and create a pleasing first impression. You want customers to see your building from a distance, and continue to look at the building instead of looking away. We will show you color options that enhance the colors of the building inside and out so customers see organization.

4. Hiding. Our landscape team will also look at items you want to hide. We can give you options on fencing and plants to hide those ugly dumpsters. We can also show you the best plants to hide gas meters and other things that you do not want customers to see. 

Take a moment and ask yourself if your business is creating a great first impression. Are customers drawn to your building, or are they ignoring you because they are not impressed? If you are not sure, ask someone who will give you an honest answer. Or, contact us and let us help you make a great first impression with your business.

After we have worked together to create that great impression, we will continue to work together to keep your business looking great. As your management team, we will ensure plants are watered, fertilized, weeded, pruned, and taken care of. So, what do you have to lose? Call us today and let us get started.