Contact Communication

The Advantages of a Single Point of Contact

Communication is not just an aspect of good customer service; it is the most important part of customer service.  Companies can attract sales, but it is good communication that keeps clients coming back.  

At Chapel Valley we strive to provide our clients with the highest level of service, beginning with a high standard for communication. Clients often come to us frustrated about the lack of communication from their previous providers. Realizing that communication is critical to service success and overall client satisfaction, we have made clear communication our top priority by implementing a single point of contact strategy for our portfolio clients.  

We realize your time is valuable, so you should not have to spend hours trying to track down your landscape provider, especially in the case of an emergency. When partnering with Chapel Valley, your portfolio will be provided a designated contact that is independent from daily field operations and acts as a liaison between your team members and the Chapel Valley team.  

This single point of contact provides oversight across the portfolio and focuses on quality control and your customer experience. Having one designated individual removes any confusion surrounding who to contact and how to contact them. In addition to their horticulture knowledge, they can assist in resolving questions or concerns surrounding service, enhancements, or billing. 

Their number one goal is your satisfaction and do so by taking a proactive approach to your sites, conducting independent site walks to ensure maintenance is on track, and finding areas and ideas for enhancement.

We believe that utilizing this strategy helps to meet both your current and long-term needs by ensuring your brand standards are being upheld consistently among your portfolio. 

Communication, whether good or bad, can leave a lasting impression, and we know ours will be a great one.