Cool Season Residential Landscaping Opportunities | Ellicott City MD

597c32c2-5d5a-47f2-b0a9-234047220a3e-thumbAs the parade of flowers and colorful shrubs wind down for the season along with searing summer temperatures, we find ourselves at the crossroads of entering the cool season. Once the traditional autumn cleanup is concluded, there are exciting residential landscaping projects just perfect for the coming cool season that many savvy gardeners anticipate.

While one may be tempted to regard the winter garden as barren, some gardeners are actually excited to see the bones of their garden. This is the perfect time to take advantage of the cool season’s respite from tasks that require one’s attention during the season of the sun to forge ahead with landscape design dreams.

Autumn and winter are ideal times for installing hardscape features that most gardeners have little time for in the season of sun. Since concrete sets better in cooler weather, the cool seasons are most appropriate for projects that require the laying of concrete such as pathways, water features, pools, and the footings for pergolas and trellises.

Some gardeners also see the cool season as an opportune time to make sweeping changes in their planting designs since moist soil is much easier to maneuver. This is an ideal time to lay weed barriers over unruly sections of the garden and cover them with rock, mulch, or even create a raised planting bed. The amended soil in new planting beds will have ample time to compost and marinate over the winter providing optimal planting conditions in the spring.

Many gardeners also appreciate the easy accessibility of our landscape crews along with attractive reduced prices that are sometimes available in the typically slow season of winter. Why not contact us and share your landscape ideas so we can turn them into plans and then realities for the coming new year.