Dealing with Plant Health Care as a Homeowner: Planting Indestructible Plants

As a homeowner, you know how important your landscaping is. This is because your landscaping provides curb appeal, making your home beautiful, attractive, and welcoming. However, knowing all the rules aboutĀ plant health care can be difficult, time-consuming, and just a hassle. If you have trouble with your landscaping, you may consider planting these plants that are considered “indestructible”:

  • Black-Eyed Susan: The black-eyed Susan flowers are typically a beautiful yellow color, adding beauty to your yard. Also, these flowers require little care or feeding since they take everything that they can from the soil in which they are rooted.
  • Coneflower: The coneflower is great at controlling erosion in the soil that it surrounds. This means that with coneflower, you don’t have to worry too much about re-soiling your yard. This is because the roots of the coneflower weave together to hold the soil in place.
  • The Day Lily: The day lily is a beautiful flower that can withstand a number of different conditions, making it the perfect year-round flower. The flower can withstand drought, floods, and even your neglect, which means your time can be saved from having to take care of your landscaping. These flowers are usually best to use in flower beds that are exposed to a great deal of sunlight where nothing else can survive.
  • Sedum: Sedum is great because it is a succulent, which means that it doesn’t need any watering except for the rain. The plant becomes tall in the spring because of its thick roots, but it still remains beautiful all year long.

Overall, these plants are considered indestructible for a reason; that being that they don’t need much time and care since they take care of themselves for the most part. If you need extra help caring for the landscaping of your home, pleaseĀ contact us. We specialize in helping with the maintenance and care of our customer’s landscape.