do your commercial irrigation and landscaping plans include synthetic turf sterling va

Do Your Commercial Irrigation and Landscaping Plans Include Synthetic Turf? | Sterling, VA

The latest flap over artificial turf has caused some people to rethink their commercial irrigation and landscaping plans. In case you missed it, the Consumer Product Safety Commission came out and began openly questioning the safety of certain types of synthetic turf.  By all media accounts, their concerns center on containments allegedly inherent in ground rubber products.

Of course that prompted a quick, decisive response by the Synthetic Turf Councilscientists, environmentalists and a number of others who wanted to wade into the conversation. They largely allege that the CPSC has is all wrong and the majority of man-made turf products are safe on all fronts. And some of them cited studies to prove it. Others urged caution and suggested doing further research.

So where does that leave companies in the middle of mulling over their commercial landscaping plans? We’d suggest making an appointment to sit down with our commercial irrigation and landscaping experts. We’ve been involved with green technology and eco-friendly, safe irrigation and landscaping practices for years.  Consequently, we are well positioned to help commercial businesses choose irrigation systems and landscape designs that are beneficial to everyone.

Our commercial irrigation and landscaping team only work with products that they can feel good about using. And from our perspective, that means using materials widely deemed safe for humans, pets, wildlife and more. We can go over which materials our team likes the most during a sit down with you and members of your team.

In addition, we can talk about issues like water conservation, preserving native landscapes and creating public spaces that help at-risk pollinators. They are all subjects near to our hearts because we believe in being good stewards. To learn more about the ongoing debate over synthetic turf and what our commercial landscaping company can do for you, please contact us today.