Examining Your Site Conditions

Examining your site conditions should be done before any planting or hardscaping projects are started. When checking your site conditions you should make sure to look at your soil properties as well as your drainage patterns.

You should start with a soil test at your commercial property. This test will help indicate appropriate plants for your specific site as well as what amendments need to be made in order to promote healthy plant growth.

Analyzing your drainage patterns on site will help you determine where your water flows. This is an important aspect of your site conditions and needs to be reviewed when installing plant material and hardscapes. The installation of plants in drainage swales and can affect water flow. Water flow should be considered and addressed if anything is installed in the area of current drainage patterns.

We spoke with Tom Nugent, ASLA, a Sales Consultant at Chapel Valley Landscape, and asked him what he sees as the most common issue owners run into when evaluating their site. “The most typical issues regarding site conditions are steep slopes. The slopes tend to be difficult to maintain and can easily erode. You can address this issue by creatively sculpting your slope into aesthetically pleasing terraces or planted gardens to reduce maintenance and dramatically enhance the properties appeal.”

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