Factors to Consider when Choosing Hardscape Design | Mclean VA

The right hardscaping can really add an interesting dimension to your landscape, not to mention the fact that it can also be functional. If you’re looking at hardscape design, here are some things you should take into consideration first.


Perhaps the biggest consideration when choosing hardscaping is its purpose. Just a few things hardscaping can be used for include:

  • Creating a walkway
  • Adding a seating area
  • Attracting birds or butterflies
  • Creating a focal point for a garden
  • Breaking up the landscape into sections so that it can serve multiple purposes

Surrounding Landscape

You’ll want to make sure your hardscaping blends well with the rest of its surroundings if it is to look nice. That doesn’t mean you have to use all of the same materials throughout, as mixing and matching different ones is actually a good idea. Just be sure the hardscaping elements you add are in keeping with the theme or style of your landscaping, as rustic elements in a formal garden would seem rather out of place.


One of the biggest considerations you’ll need to keep in mind is your budget. Even if you are on a rather tight budget, you can still find hardscaping elements that will add a new dimension to your garden without costing you an arm and a leg in the process.


It’s important to think about how you will maintain your hardscaping elements once they are in place. Fountains and garden ponds look nice, but require a great deal of care in order to ensure they continue to be attractive. Likewise, patio furniture may need to be stored away during the winter or cleaned from time to time as well. If the hardscaping elements you choose require more maintenance than you desire, chances are you’ll quickly grow tired of them.