Green roofs decrease your energy costs | Northern Virginia

Did you know that:

  • Green roofs can decrease energy use in the winter months by 10 percent?
  • In the summer, the temperature on a green roof can be as much as 59 degrees cooler than other roofs?

Wow, that hopefully got your attention, it did ours. When we learned that information, we knew we needed to start talking about green roofs.

What is a green roof? A green roof is a roof or part of a roof that is covered with plants.

Please don’t stop reading! We aren’t talking about burying a building in the ground. We are talking about putting a waterproof membrane on top of a building and strategically placing plants.

For example, the Howard Hughes Medical Institute has a flat roof. On top of that roof is a walkway through some fantastic gardens of flowers and other perennial plants.

The green roof accomplishes several things:

  • Workers have a place to walk and rejuvenate themselves to continue working. Providing this type of space will enhance the workplace and will increase productivity.
  • Energy use is decreased.
  • The company is contributing to a cleaner environment by having plants instead of just asphalt on top of the building.

So, now that we all agree a green roof is a great addition to any building with a flat roof, there are a few other things we want to reassure you about.

1. If you are worried about plant roots damaging the roof and interior ceilings, don’t worry. We will also add a root barrier and use plants that don’t need a deep root system.

2. If you are wondering about who will water the plants, we will also talk with you about installing an irrigation system. The system will be your back up for when there isn’t enough rain.

If you are as interested in green roofs as we are, please contact us and let’s talk about the possibilities for your building.