How a Great Commercial Landscaping Service Can Drastically Improve Your Home

commercial landscaping serviceWhen it comes to dreaming up the perfect landscape for your yard, you may quickly find that what you imagine is a little more difficult to achieve than you originally thought. A great commercial landscaping service can do everything you want and more, turning your dreams into reality.

The best commercial landscaping services work all throughout the year, so whether you’re striving for the perfect garden or just need snow and ice removed during the winter, they are happy to help. A professional landscape company does more than just make your home look pretty — they add value to your home and put money back into your pocket. Here are just three of the many benefits to seeking a qualified commercial landscaping service for your home:

Summer landscaping. Having landscapers come in and create a beautiful garden outside of your home is one of the best ways to start a new hobby and enjoy the outdoors. According to a recent survey, people say they like to garden for the following reasons: to be outdoors (44%); to be around beautiful things (42%), relax and escape the pressures of everyday life (39%), and to stay active and get exercise (35%). Wouldn’t it be nice to experience a combination of all four of those benefits? Besides being great for self-worth and enjoyment, your yard will be the star of the neighborhood, and everyone who drives be in awe of your landscape.

Winter jobs. When gardening season is over and it’s time to break out the snow shovel, a commercial landscaping service is here to help you handle the big jobs. They provide professional salting, which is the safest and most effective way to clear sidewalks and driveways of dangerous black ice. Sometimes the snow just gets too heavy to deal with on your own, and you need to bring in some reinforcements just to get to work. Commercial landscapers can devise a custom snow removal plan for your home so you’ll never have to miss work due to snow again.

Add value to your home. Commercial landscaping services are much more of an investment than a purchase. About two-thirds of homeowners say they’ll get 60% of their landscaping investment back when they sell the home, and many often receive much more than that. Maintaining your house is a lot like maintaining your car; if you try to sell a car with a broken windshield, you’ll get less than you deserve. If you add a fresh paint job and new tires to the car, the value will be higher than when you bought it. A great landscaping company knows this, and will increase the value of your home with every job they do.

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