Summer Garden

How to Water Your Garden Depending on the Summer Climate

During the summer, our gardens are at risk for two different types of climates: severe drought or excessive rain. It is important to maintain your plants health correctly if your gardens are exposed to either of these conditions. Staying informed about possible weather situations and best practices for preventative maintenance could be what makes or breaks your garden or turf this summer.

Severe Drought: When there is no precipitation for days or weeks and it’s extremely hot out

  • Due to lack of water, plants will become stressed and go dormant.
  • If not properly irrigated, grass will turn brown.

Maintenance for Severe Drought:

  • Water plants either early in the morning or late in the evening.
  • If watered during the middle of the day, droplets can function as collecting lenses and focus the sunlight directly on the leaves, thus burning the foliage.
  • Soak your turf for multiple hours, 3x a week – this is better than watering it every day for short periods, because the water will reach the roots.

Rainy Season: When there are rainy days and hot humid nights

  • This climate doesn’t allow the turf to dry out.
  • The moist environment can cause harmful diseases to develop.
  • Diseases include: Dollar Spot and Brown Patch.

Maintenance for Rainy Season

  • Using a “fungicide program” prior to the rainy season will help this problem.
  • The program starts in May and includes 4-5 treatments, depending on the climate.