Incorporating Annuals In the Landscape

Annual plants are an excellent way to add color and accent to your landscape. Annuals can be used to add variety and add an additional element of color to landscapes that focus largely on trees and shrubs.

Annuals have many different uses and the colors, whether they are a brighter shade or lighter shade, can be used as focal points in a landscape on both commercial and residential sites. The focal points are generally used to designate entry and add a welcoming atmosphere to a space or building on residential, commercial, or retail sites.

Annual plantings can also increase property value by creating a more aesthetically pleasing landscape, drawing customers onto commercial sites and creating a calming and welcoming area at residential properties.

Annual beds can be combined in existing beds or have their own space in a landscape or garden. Annual beds are best combined with existing beds, where larger beds compliment the annual beds well giving the annuals more opportunity to either contrast or compliment the surrounding plantings.

In highly commercialized areas such as shopping malls, outdoor seating areas for restaurants, and medians, annuals can be used to break up large masses of concrete and buildings. Annuals can also be featured in pots or small beds adding aesthetic value to areas with limited green space.

Annuals are a great way to add a splash of color creating additional appeal to your landscape by introducing an eye drawing pop of color. They are an excellent addition to your existing plantings and create a welcoming atmosphere to your home or business.

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