Incorporating Stone In Your Landscape Design

There are many different types of stones that are available for hardscaping projects in the landscape. The most common stones that are incorporated into landscape designs include limestone, granite, sandstone, marble, and flagstone.

When it comes to durability you will want to use the harder stones such as flagstone and granite which will last the longest with the least amount of wear.

When we spoke with Jeff Rienks, a Design Sales Executive at Chapel Valley Landscape, he recommended using flagstone for patios and walks. Flagstone is a durable stone that will work well under normal foot traffic and is easily incorporated into designs.

Jeff also recommended switching to sandstone around pool areas. Flagstone tends to become very hot in the summer and utilizing sandstone will create a cooler surface which is much better for walking barefoot.

Using natural stone in the landscape typically adds more value to your property and holds up much longer when properly installed. It provides the landscape with a more natural feel and holds its shape and color better compared to man-made products.

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