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“How to Find the Right Landscape Architect for YOU…”

*Face it, why take a chance on a landscape architect who isn’t from your area? Small changes in weather patterns may not seem significant, but your plantings surely notice everything, as they are constantly exposed to the outdoor elements.

Experience should also be an enormous factor when choosing these professionals for the many reasons listed below.

Whether you are a homeowner interested in improving curb appeal or a business owner who wants to make a good first impression with customers, choosing the right landscape architect for your needs is important. The National Association of Landscape Professionals estimates that there are over 450,000 landscaping services companies in the United States–with so many to choose from, here are some helpful questions to consider as you search for a landscape company.

Commercial or Residential Experience (or both)?

It helps to know what kind of customer you are and what type of experience you are looking for in your landscape architect. You can get the best of both worlds by finding a landscaping company that has experience in both commercial and residential projects. A well-rounded portfolio of projects is a good indication of quality, professionalism, and high service-level standards.

Help with Back-End Services Available?

Wouldn’t it be nice to work with a landscape architect who can help see your project through from initial design to final implementation? Not all landscaping services companies have the bandwidth to help clients with the contracting process, project management, and property maintenance after the design is complete. However, it is a nice benefit and may save you a lot of headaches to work with a company that can help with these services.

Regional Expertise?

Look for landscaping companies that have a history of working in your region. This helps not only with selecting the right plants and materials for your climate but also means that the company will be readily available to help answer any questions you may have in the future about your new landscape.
Picking the right landscape architect does not have to be a daunting task. Thinking about your needs and asking the right questions will help you identify a vendor who exceeds your expectations.
Chapel Valley Landscape Company has a long history of creating award-winning landscapes in the Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC region–contact us today to learn more about how we can meet your needs on your next landscaping project.
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“Three Reasons You May Need a Landscape Architect”

*This February article by the Chapel Valley team of landscaping professionals goes into detail as to why utilizing a landscape architect is always a positive solution for an outdoor project.
It even explains the most suitable plantings, which will thrive in our area. The article even gets detailed as to why a property could use specific plantings for reasons such as shade or wind protection as well.

Chapel Valley enjoys informing businesses and homeowners about the awe-inspiring transformations that can be accomplished on virtually any property.  Their passion is unlimited; their work is unimaginable.

Whether you just moved into a new home or you have lived in the same house for years, if you are considering changing your outdoor space, you might be wondering if you will need the assistance of a professional. While you may be able to make small changes to your outdoor space, if you are considering any larger changes, you will likely want the assistance of a landscape architect. If you are still unsure if you need the help of a landscape architect, consider if you fall into any of these three situations.

There’s Too Much

It is nice to have a beautiful yard full of trees, flowers, bushes, and other plants, but there is such a thing as too much. Maybe you have overgrown bushes in front of your windows, or you have trees in your front yard that seem to have taken over the whole yard. Maybe you are even concerned that the trees’ roots will soon cause foundation issues. Perhaps there just seem to be flowers and plants growing all over your yard with no real pattern or design behind them. You may even have a certain plant or flower that seems to be taking over your yard, killing off everything else. A landscape architect can help with many of these issues by designing a beautiful outdoor space for you, an area that will be aesthetically pleasing rather than feeling like it was just thrown together.

Too Plain

The exact opposite problem of having too much in your yard is not having enough. Maybe you have moved into a newly built home that has not yet been landscaped. With the help of a landscape architect, you can change your blank canvas outdoor space into a wonderful outdoor area. Of course, landscaping is about more than just the flowers and other plants in your yard. After your yard makeover is complete, you could have other outdoor features, such as fountains, benches, retaining walls, and beautiful walkways. Even if your yard is partially landscaped, if it would never win a “Yard of the Year” award, you could benefit from the help of a landscape architect.

Another issue some people face when they have limited landscaping is a lack of privacy. This can be fixed with the proper placement of trees, bushes, walls, and other landscaping. According to the Department of Energy’s website, well-designed landscaping can also provide energy-saving benefits. Well placed trees alone can save a family up to 25 percent annually on energy costs.
In our area, summer energy-efficiency goals include maximizing shade and tunneling summer breezes toward the house. During the winter, the goals are to maximize the sun’s heating power while deflecting winter winds. Of course, water efficiency is also important to achieve high energy-efficiency for your home. A quality landscape architect can help you create landscaping that is ideal for your home’s energy-efficiency needs.

You Are Not Sure What Grows Best

While it is important to plant trees and bushes to properly shade your home and to provide windbreaks, landscaping is about more than just shade and windbreaks. Some trees and plants grow better in specific climates. If you are unsure what grows best in our area, you may end up with plants that do not do well in our region. One way to avoid this problem is to focus on plants that are native to our area. Here’s a list of some plants native to the Mid-Atlantic Region:

Black-Eyed Susan

The Black-Eyed Susan is more than just the Maryland state flower. Native to the United States, east of the Rocky Mountains, these flowers grow throughout the summer and can reach 2 to 3 feet tall. The Black-Eyed Susan can grow in full to partial sun. Because Black-Eyed Susan’s will reseed and spread, they work best in an area where they can spread without invading the space of other flowers.
Eastern Redbud
Native to a large portion of the Eastern United States, the Eastern Redbud is a great tree for adding color to your landscaping in the early spring. That is when the tree produces its beautiful pink flowers. It can also be used to provide shade throughout the summer, whether for your home or simply to create a shady area in your yard.

Trumpet Honeysuckle

The trumpet honeysuckle is native to much of the Eastern United States. It has one to two-inch tubular flowers, which bloom in early summer. These flowers attract bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds, making this vine a great addition to landscaping for anyone who enjoys watching birds and insects fluttering around their yard. Because the trumpet honeysuckle is a vine, it grows well over a fence or along with another structure where it can spread out and flourish.

Wild Hydrangea

The wild hydrangea is also native to much of the Eastern United States. The flowers are creamy-white and begin to bloom in late June, lasting throughout most of the summer. The plant may grow up to three or four feet tall and can be cut back significantly in the fall. While the wild hydrangea grows best in partial sun to shade, it can do well in full sun if it is given enough moisture.
Of course, there are many other plants that will do well in our area. A quality landscape architect can help you find the right plants for your specific landscaping needs, plants that will grow well, and provide you with the beauty and energy-efficiency you desire. Contact us to learn more about creating the best landscaping for your home.

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“Entrust Your Outdoor Kitchen to a Landscape Architect”

*This recent blog by the Chapel Valley team explains the beneficial and long-term effects of using a landscape architect for your hardscape feature, the outdoor kitchen.

Safety, privacy, quality construction, and many more reasons why using a landscape architect for your outdoor kitchen are explained in great detail. Even the visual elements of lighting are discussed.

One of the hottest outdoor patio trends, especially in areas that have frigid winters, are outdoor kitchens. These are the “must-have” luxury features of upscale DC and Maryland living. By creating a cozy, sheltered outdoor living space that can be used year-round, this is an investment that not only increases the value of a home but elevates the quality of life. But there is more to creating an impressive and functional outdoor kitchen than simply arranging furniture on a covered patio and setting up a grill. Here are the reasons why you want the expertise of a landscape architect.


It seems that every day innovative designs are replacing what we thought was the latest and greatest thing. This can be said for the technology used in outdoor kitchens as well as smartphones. From the latest masonry techniques to the most modern outdoor cocktail station, a professional landscape company is current on the most modern technology that will improve and enhance your luxury outdoor lifestyle.

Surface Safety:

A skilled craftsman understands the fine details of creating a surface that will feature texture to improve safety yet also is smooth enough to prevent tripping over tile edges while walking about with plates of food and drinks in hand. The right surface design also makes it easier to scoot chairs under tables. Starting with the right foundation is essential to success in virtually every undertaking in life, including the construction of an outdoor kitchen.


Enjoying the great outdoors also means exposure to prying eyes. For outdoor kitchens in urban and suburban areas, creating an outdoor space that preserves privacy is a must. The purpose of an outdoor kitchen is to escape the confines of a home. Why ruin this goal with retaining walls that only re-create the feeling of being indoors? This is why living privacy screens, or green walls, have become so popular. For year-round privacy and effective coverage, a professional landscape architect has the knowledge to select evergreens that are hardy enough to withstand the rigors of plunging temperatures. You can enjoy your patio pleasures year-round in the sanctuary of a private, outdoor space.

Patio Layout:

Landscaping is not just about flowerbeds and decorative shrubs. Often, an outdoor space will feature potted plants that define the separation between the patio and the garden area. These subtle barriers allow for a smooth transition between a sheltered outdoor patio and the actual exposed green space beyond. A professional landscape architect will have the eye of an artist. Who wants an outdoor space simply lined with pots all in a row displaying the same variety of vegetation? Fine outdoor living deserves texture and variation of color that is pleasing to the eye, mimicking the biodiversity of nature.

Kitchen Garden:

A private herb garden is a perfect accompaniment to an outdoor kitchen. Delight the culinary hobbyist in the household with a nearby garden feature playing host to fresh basil, chives, marjoram or oregano. Even shrubs can be more than just decorative. For instance, there are varieties of Rosemary hardy enough to survive harsh winter weather. What could be more delicious on a kabob skewer than an entree seasoned with garden-fresh herbs? Delight guests with iced tea or mojitos that have mint plucked right before their eyes. Imagine relaxing before bedtime with a cup of herbal tea crafted from lavender freshly harvested. A landscape architect can design a culinary garden that is as fully functional as it is beautiful.


Don’t underestimate the skill of a landscape architect as being limited to stone, flora, and fauna. Designing the perfect lighting features to complement nighttime outdoor entertainment and romantic patio evenings are all elements of a professional landscape designer’s expertise. Lighting needs to go far beyond the function of illuminating a path for safe travel through hours of darkness.
Lighting also serves to create the desired mood. A landscape professional is experienced in arranging outdoor lighting features that are perfectly suited for the relaxed ambiance of garden evenings. Festive rope lighting, chandeliers, landscape spotlights, soft path lighting, all work together to create an aura of outdoor living that can be safely navigated and gently enjoyed even on a moonless night. It is easy to appreciate the kind of expertise that can design illumination perfection. However, when extreme weather strikes and garden lighting systems continue to work flawlessly, a new appreciation for landscape professionals is discovered.


The enjoyment of outdoor living pleasures, particularly dining, speaks of a return to a simpler life with a bit of indulgent luxury. Quite often, this desire is inspired by an awareness of how green spaces affect the human psyche, improving quality of life by reducing stress. Appreciation of green spaces also denotes an awareness of how important it is to respect and preserve the nature which surrounds us and supports us. Garden landscaping that features high maintenance design is counter-intuitive to all of these personal elements. A landscape architect experienced in sustainable design can increase the visual impact of an outdoor kitchen landscape while at the same time minimizing negative impacts upon the surrounding native environment. Specialized green services can provide organic maintenance of plantings, introduce insects that are beneficial, design a rainwater collection system, and install irrigation systems that conserve water with low-flow features. The selection of native plant species to incorporate throughout flowerbeds and patio urns results in an eco-friendly environment that is naturally accustomed to local seasonal changes. In short, sustainable design contributes to the simplicity craved by those who enjoy an outdoor kitchen.


Even an avid gardening hobbyist can appreciate the services of a professional landscape company. In addition to the initial investment of creating the perfect outdoor living space is the ongoing maintenance to protect this initial investment. Oversight by certified horticulturists is invaluable when you consider the innumerable plant species that exist throughout a landscape layout and the varied conditions and needs of individual plants. Rather than fret and worry over your garden, enjoy it. Entrust seasonal pruning, fertilizing, snow and ice management, and removal of those pesky weeds to professionals.


Perhaps the greatest service a professional landscape company can provide for a prized outdoor kitchen is winterizing all features in order to protect them throughout the worst that Mother Nature can throw at them. Water lines should be drained properly, appliances will need special attention, cabinet surfaces will require protective treatments and appropriate covers will be necessary for certain features. Proper winterization to preserve your investment is a tall order that is best undertaken by professionals who are experienced and properly equipped.
To design the outdoor kitchen of your dreams, or to partner with professionals for ongoing maintenance, please contact us. As nationally recognized, award-winning experts, we are the leaders in the industry of luxury outdoor living and have the talent, skill, and qualifications to manage your project successfully.

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“Working with a Landscape Architect on your Important Renovation”

*You obviously respect and value your property if this article is of interest to you. Do you want to know the most difficult step through this entire outdoor transformation process?

The answer is picking up the phone and calling Chapel Valley’s team of dedicated landscape professionals. We make the landscaping process enjoyable for property owners, as they see life breathed into their landscape.

If it is time to upgrade your existing outdoor space, consider taking advantage of the cooler weather to get the work started. Perhaps you are a non-profit, with a large public area in need of development.
Maybe you are in need of more than a landscape design. If you wish to develop an extensive outdoor space, it may include the management of storm-water run-off and drainage, elevated walkways, and bridges. Tell us about it. Would you like to include water features or a park or even a green roof on a structure? Consider us. Chapel Valley has developed distinctive, award-winning landscapes that have been the hallmark of the company’s commitment to creativity, quality, and service.

Implement Your Vision

Perhaps you see your outdoor space including buildings and hardscape features along with beautiful plants, trees, and shrubs. You might need more than the services of a landscape designer, you may need to consult a landscape architect.

The National Building Museum says, “Landscape architecture encompasses the design of almost anything under the sky. Think of iconic places like Boston’s Emerald Necklace and the FDR Memorial in Washington, D.C.” Our portfolio includes significant areas you might drive by daily if you are in the Bethesda/D.C. area. “Also consider your downtown square, your local park, or even your own backyard. Green roofs, urban farms, and corporate campuses—all define landscape architecture.”

We understand the importance of your time and your project. We early on provide you with a rough timeline for how long the project will take and what it will cost. Our architects oversee construction project management as we begin with the concept stage and follow-through while construction begins, and walkways and other hardscape features go in place. The architect will guide our experienced landscape designers along familiar paths as the work progresses, keeping within budget and within code.

Working With Our Architects

Whatever your architectural need, rest assured that our landscape architects can design the perfect renovation or installation for your space. Our experienced architects practice state of the art technology as they work with our professional landscape designers to plan and install the perfect upgrade or development for your particular need. Our portfolio demonstrates our multiple successes of project development and installation.
Enjoy the ease of working with professionals at Chapel Valley Landscape Company. Take advantage of cooler weather and rejuvenated employees. Let’s get started on your development project now. Contact us.

*Using a landscape architect does not mean that you have to leave all creative inspiration to a company. Chapel Valley thrives upon utilizing the property owner’s vision and ideas, then producing a flawless outdoor environment together.

Working as a team is a philosophy Chapel Valley uses within its own business and through the work they perform for you.

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