Landscape Contractors

Landscape Contractors Make Beautiful Outdoor Spaces

The IBISWorld Landscaping Services Industry Research Report published in March 2017 shows an increase in demand for landscape contractors from residential and non-residential clients. It reports that the need for landscaping services has grown in the past five years thanks to stronger domestic housing and property markets. In addition, more owners of homes, commercial properties, and public spaces want to have green areas, yards, pathways, and patios to beautify their properties.

Who are Landscape contractors?

Research done by the National Gardening Association shows that 74 percent of households in the United States participated in lawn or garden activities in 2016. A large portion of that population maintains their outdoor areas with the help of the services of landscape contractors.

These experts create or refurbish outdoor spaces to turn them into beautiful gardens, attractive lawns, or refreshing and relaxing pockets of green. They cover a wide list of services, including making a plan for the site, planting, maintenance, and constructing hard landscaping features such as decks, fences, paths, and patios. These specialists work with both residential and commercial clients who wish to have a customized landscape.

What can landscape contractors do?

Design and Plan

A landscape contractor can bring their clients’ landscaping ideas to life. They will create a design based on what features and plants a customer has in mind. If you don’t know what to do with your outdoor space, then these professionals can make a plan and present it to you. They will usually check your property to assess the potential of the site and know what landscape styles will work best. Designs are based on several environmental and physical factors, such as the theme of your interiors, the architecture of your building, the topography of the land, and the seasons and climate in your locality. They will also identify which plants and trees will grow best on your soil and location. After they have studied all of these, they design the project. Sometimes, they use software that can show how the finished project will look and how your greenery and flowers can look in several years.

Aside from providing the design, landscape contractors also include plans on what type of materials are going to be used and how much of each are needed. These specialists also determine the kind of services required and estimate labor costs. They will plan a schedule and sequence of work, too, as well as cover any other budgetary or logistics-related aspects of the project.


More and more people are taking up gardening as a hobby. However, landscape contractors do more than just dig and sprinkle seeds into a pot. These professionals use their expert knowledge in determining what type of trees, shrubs, grass, and flowers should be planted in a certain area of a site. When choosing what to plant, they take note of erosion problems, amount of sunshine and rainfall, irrigation issues, seasons, climates, and soil type. And with their special skills and knowledge, they know the right materials and methods to use to make sure the blooms and greenery are planted correctly.


Some outdoor spaces require foundational work done by landscape contractors so a design can come to life. The work may include installing irrigation systems, laying drainage, or reshaping the landscape. This is usually done when a client wants to have slopes, terraces, ponds, fountains, and rock or ornamental gardens included in their landscaping. Other construction work can include building paths, footbridges, patios, walls, fences, decks, gazebos, or sheds.



Taking care of your outdoor area is a lot of work. There’s mowing, cutting, pruning, trimming, watering, mulching, weeding, replanting, raking, shoveling and so many other tasks. Some landscape service providers include maintenance work for their clients. This way, you have a team of experts who can keep your property beautiful all year round. Contractors can provide care for your garden or lawn on a scheduled basis, depending on your needs.

Benefits of working with landscape contractors

You save time

You may have a green thumb or be enthusiastic about taking care of your own outdoor area. However, you may not always have the luxury of time to tend to your blooms and greenery. With the help of landscaping services, you don’t have to worry about maintenance anymore. You get to devote your weekends and after-work hours to your family or friends. You have more time to do other things you love. And you can enjoy relaxing or entertaining in your professionally maintained garden.

You can enjoy expert and regular maintenance care

Indeed, landscape contractors provide you with their skills and knowledge on how to properly care for your outdoor area. This can save you a lot of money and sweat, especially when you are faced with erosion, drainage problems, pests, or other landscaping problems you may not be familiar with. But with the help of experts, these issues are tackled efficiently and swiftly before they cause great damage and large losses.

You can take advantage of professional services

For some clients, maintenance isn’t their only challenge. There is also the challenge of knowing what sort of design is the best choice. With the specialized knowledge of landscape contractors, all you have to do is approve a plan that makes your ideas a reality and fits your budget. Aside from that, these professionals eliminate the need to experiment on which plants will grow best in your land because they have already that specialized knowledge and have conducted that research. As a result, you avoid wasting a lot of effort and money.

You increase the value and appeal of your property

For homeowners who are looking to sell their residential property in the near future, an attractive and well-maintained garden or lawn increases salability. Real estate experts say that landscaping increases your property’s value to up to tens of thousands of dollars over the years.

As for commercial establishments, an expertly designed and cared for landscape can make your place more appealing to customers. More people are looking for green spots to relax and escape the stress and pollution of cities. So if you have a beautiful, professional-looking outdoor area, your business can be more inviting, thus increasing your chances of attracting customers.

Work with professionals

As with hiring any type of contractor, make sure that you are working with someone you can trust, who has the experience and skill, and who is flexible enough to accommodate your ideas and needs.