Landscape Lighting For the Holidays | Chevy Chase MD


The holidays are approaching and you are probably making plans for those holidays lights. You love hearing your neighbors and friends tell you your house is the best in the neighborhood!

But why just have the best lighting for the holidays? Why not plan your holiday lighting so that it can be year round?

  • Strategically placing lighting in your yard and around your house can enhance your holiday decorations. The great part is, that same lighting will enhance your property year round. The second great part is, once that lighting is installed, you don’t have to reinstall it next year for the holidays.
  • Do you put reindeer or a nativity on your lawn? At night, you need subtle lighting to show off the display, angled in just the right way to show off that reindeer and give it dimension in the night.
  • Why not have a display near a tree or bush? Then the subtle lighting is used for the display during the holidays and to light the tree or bush year round.
  • Thinking about hanging some decorations on your house? Let us install some lighting around the house that shows off those decorations during the  holidays, and shows off your house year round.
  • You can even change the color of the bulbs in your landscape lighting so they are part of your holiday lights. Then change them back for the rest of the year.

Sound like a way to start planning your holiday decorations? We would love to help your house be the best-lit in the neighborhood.

(Photo courtesy of Flickr)