Landscape Lighting: How to Choose the Right Bulb | Potomac, MD

Landscape Lighting: How to Choose the Right Bulb | Potomac, MDYou have finally made the decision to add landscape lighting and a friend suggests you check out a local hardware store. So, you go to the store and stand in front of that section of the shelves. Oh my! You didn’t realize that not only would you have to choose fixtures; you will have to choose bulbs. Who knew the light bulb would be a major decision.

What types of bulbs are there?

Incandescent Bulbs

These give a pleasing light, but they have a short life and consumer electricity.

Halogen Bulbs

These are more efficient than incandescent bulbs. These give the same pleasing light; have a longer life, and consumer less electricity.

Fluorescent Bulbs

These have a color range, last much longer than Incandescent and Halogen, and consume less energy. Yet, there is that Fluorescent light effect you see in many buildings.

LED Bulbs

these are more expensive than others, but they have a long life and a low energy consumption level.

Which bulb is for you? You could fixtures of each kind (usually a particular fixture uses a particular bulb) and try them out. You would need to install each of them and wait until night to see the effects. But, that is wasteful and you might want a Halogen bulb fixture in one area and an LED bulb fixture in another area.

So, what can you do to decide which bulb is for you? It’s simple. Just contact us for landscape lighting and we will help you. Our specialty is giving you the landscape you want, even when it comes to down to choose which bulb.

(Photo courtesy of Flickr)