Your Landscape Lighting Needs | Bethesda, MD

Your Landscape Lighting Needs | Bethesda, MDLandscape lighting adds the finishing touch of the beautiful landscaping around your home, and the right fixtures can showcase your favorite highlights. But it can be hard to know where to start, so here are some tips to help you choose the right options for your home.

1) Take a tour. As darkness falls, walk around your yard and take note of the areas to which you will want to add some lighting. Paths and patios are obvious locations but think too of other outdoor features like a gazebo or trellis.

2) Safety comes first. Before you move on to accent lighting around your yard, focus on entryways, garages, and driveways. Choose bright lights that were needed to illuminate doorways and provide safety when moving around the property.

3) Use mostly low-energy bulbs. A little goes a long way when it comes to outdoor lighting, and you will save money by using low-watt bulbs. Save high-watt bulbs for the deck or patio where you will be having outdoor parties in the summer.

4) Think solar. A great option to light pathways and steps is with LED solar-powered lights. They come in many styles and varieties and can store enough energy to keep lights bright from dusk till dawn.

5) Add some accents. Highlight the beauty of your landscaping with spotlights. A spotlight placed at the base of an old oak tree creates a warm glow on the branches and invites guests to your home. Highlight other landscape features like a water fixture, trellis, or fire pit. To schedule a consultation and learn more about landscape lighting for your home, contact us today!