Landscape Lighting

Lighting is an important element in the functional landscape. It can be used to highlight a focal point, extend the use of the landscape, and increase safety and security. Including lighting in your landscape allows you to highlight important aspects in your design. Incorporating up lighting will give your landscape a more defined look while angling the light downward creates a more relaxing atmosphere.

Adding lighting allows you to extend the use of your landscape. Instead of being restricted to enjoying your landscape in the daylight you are able to increase the usable hours and enjoy your landscape in the evening hours.

Lighting will increase the safety on your property by allowing the homeowner and guests to see any changes in grade, materials, or hazards, making it less likely that an accident will occur. Lighting can also deters criminals from targeting your home by adding increased visibility of the overall property.

Landscape lighting is commonly low voltage and low cost. The typical household appliance uses 120 volts, while outdoor lighting units typically only use 12 volts.

Landscape lighting should be designed and installed by a trained professional. Installing the system will require wiring to a breaker or fuse panel of the house along with utilizing a transformer to lower the voltage.

Lighting is a great way to experience your landscape in a whole new way. It will allow you to fully take advantage of your landscape design and enjoy your time outside in both the daylight as well as the evening hours.

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