Make the personality of your yard come alive through landscape lighting | Arlington VA

“The landscape is like being there with a powerful personality and I’m searching for just the right angles to make that portrait come across as meaningfully as possible.” Galen Rowell

What is the personality of your landscape?

Is the personality of your landscape fun and laughing? Then highlight those whimsical items on your property.

It might be a tree with curvy branches and roots. We would highlight the fun curves of the tree with soft lights from different angles that would make it seem to dance in your yard as the moon travels across the sky.

Maybe that whimsical item is a statue that needs a soft light coming from the tree above as if the moonlight is highlighting that in your yard.

Maybe you have a particular group of flowers that have a unique shape or color and a little light at just the right spot and angle make you smile and laugh when you view them in the moonlight.

On one property seen recently, it was a fire hydrant since the owner was an avid dog lover. As she looks out at the yard at night, she smiles seeing the red fire hydrant that represents the dogs she loves. We wouldn’t put a glaring floodlight on it, but a few lights hidden in a bush shine at just the right angles to show off the hydrant.

It’s all about just the right angles to make the powerful personality of your landscape known to you and your friends. Let us help you make the personality of your yard come alive through landscape lighting.