New Year’s Resolution: Landscape Lighting | Alexandria VA

Are you one of those who makes a New Year’s resolution, but really doesn’t keep it? Has upgrading your landscaping been on your list of resolutions for a few years?

You could research how to install landscape lighting. There are several books, websites, and videos on how to install landscape lighting. If you only want one or two, that is probably your best choice. But, think about that for a minute. Do you really only want one or two lights as your landscape lighting? Is that really upgrading your landscaping and fulfilling your resolution?

You could research and DIY the lights. But why? Why not let us help you keep your New Year’s resolution, and at the same time give you more than one or two lights. Let us look at your property and show you a plan that will:

  1. Highlight what you consider special.
  2. Add security and safety.
  3. Add drama and dimensions to your property at night.
  4. Add romance.

How will we do that? First, by listening to you. Second, by walking around your property. Third, by strategically locating lights.

Will you see ugly black lights and boxes all over your property? NO! Our process includes hiding the wires, lights, and boxes so they don’t ruin the lighting effects. We will listen to you from start to finish and in 2014 you will be able to proudly say you kept your New Year’s resolution to upgrade your landscaping.