Plant Health Care During the Winter Months | Chevy Chase, MD

Plant Health Care During the Winter Months | Chevy Chase, MDAs cold weather begins to settle in and the holiday season approaches, take some time to prepare your garden for the winter. Most plants spend the winter months in dormancy, and there is not much you need to do to maintain their health until spring. These simple tips will help you keep a happy and healthy garden this winter!

Do Some Cleaning

Clear out stems and foliage from perennial plants, to prevent the harboring of disease or insects over the winter months. Take this time to remove any diseased parts of the plants.

Trim Plants Back

Heavy snowfall can damage plants, breaking stems and branches that have not been trimmed back. You can, however, leave seed pods, grasses, and other foliage that provide visual interest during this cold, brown season.

Spread the Mulch

Mulch helps to keep a consistent temperature and prevent the harm that can come from repeated freezing and thawing. Add up to 6 inches of new mulch each winter.

Water As Necessary

If the early snowfalls are few and far between, remember to give your plants some water. During a dry spell, keep your waterings short and frequent to prevent excess water from freezing around the plant.

Properly preparing your garden for winter can be done quickly and will ensure a lush and healthy landscape come winter. If you want to know what plant, shrub, and tree varieties are appropriate for this climate, contact a Chapel Valley Plant Health Care Technician for recommendations. We would be happy to provide advice about this and other gardening challenges!

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