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Plant Health Care: It’s Almost Time to Tend to Those Spring Perennials | Chevy Chase, MD

It’s almost springtime in Maryland and Virginia. So, now is the time to think about planning those perennials. This is especially the case if you are hoping to have your property awash with color in time for late summer and early fall. Of course it is also the time to take plant health care into account because the perennials that were planted in late summer and early fall of last year should be about ready to make their first appearances.

For instance, in March, there are various plants that should start to bloom or show signs of activity in parts of Virginia and Maryland. The long list includes, but doesn’t end with merrybells, azaleas, spreading Jacob’s ladder, wild geraniums and Virginia bluebells. Some of them, like spreading Jacob’s ladder and Virginia bluebells, should be divided early on to keep them healthy. Others may need to be staked for support purposes.

The soil surrounding springtime bloomers may need to be amended as well. After all, some perennials love acidic soil and others do not. Azaleas are good examples of spring flowers that require a certain type of soil to remain healthy. They tend to prefer pH levels that are 6.0 or less. Understandably, a commercial or residential list of spring plant health care tasks should include much more than dividing activities and soil amendments.

In the spring, it is important to check perennials for early signs of disease, insects and winter damage. Depending on what is found it may be necessary to repair splits, remove damaged leaves and apply repellents. If Mother Nature decides to act fickle, mulching the areas around perennials and using other soil insulators may be necessary too. To learn more about spring plant care, please contact us at the Chapel Valley Landscape Company. We can take care of all the spring landscaping work that needs to be done to your Maryland or Virginia properties right away.