Pruning In the Landscape

Pruning is important for plant health. It removes dead and diseased branches, crossing branches, allows you to maintain the desired size of the plant, and promotes and increases flowering.

There are general rules that you should follow when you prune your landscape plants. Summer flowering shrubs should be pruned before new growth in the spring, typically in early spring or late winter, and spring flowering shrubs should be pruned after flowering.

“Pruning can increase the value of your landscape plants and your overall landscape. Pruning off dead branches reduces the risk of disease and insects infecting the plant and causing deterioration and/or death. By pruning your plant you can maintain the proper size of the desired plant allowing it to thrive longer in that location.” Anne Lieb, Property Manager, Chapel Valley Landscape

Pruning is a vital part to maintaining your landscape in order to keep your plants healthy and happy.

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