residential landscaping that helps you telework mclean va

Residential landscaping that helps you telework | McLean, VA

Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC are rated as the some of the best places for teleworking, or working from home. We want to help you make your teleworking more enjoyable by focusing on your residential landscaping.

How can we do that?

If you are teleworking, then you want a view outside your home office that is soothing and not distracting. You want stimulating visuals that help keep your brain engaged in your work, yet don’t distract you with weeds that need pulled.

So, to help you with that, we would come to your house, look out your office window and talk about what you find enjoyable to look at and what you don’t find enjoyable.

Then we would go outside and map out flower gardens that will give your eyes visual stimulation. We will make sure there is ground cover or mulch to stunt weed growth. If you like to watch butterflies or hummingbirds we will include flowers, and even a feeder that will attract them.

At the same time, we will make sure your entire landscape is soothing yet interesting to view and helps you enjoy your teleworking.

If you want a place to work outside when the weather permits, we will plan an area where you can access the Internet and work while breathing in the fresh air of the plants. We can design a gazebo area where you won’t get the harmful rays of the sun, but you get the healthy Vitamin D from the sun.

We love to work with homeowners and create landscaping that helps you telework and helps you enjoy the fresh air and healthy environment of your plants. So, contact us today and let’s get started on plans for your landscape.