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Residential Landscaping With Elegance and Grace | Rockville, MD

As you look at your yard, is there a corner of the yard that needs something? Is that corner just not fitting in with the rest of the yard? Why not add the flower of elegance and grace to that corner? This flower is a perennial, meaning once the bulb is planted it will continue to bloom until you remove the bulb.

What are we talking about? The Tulip, known as the flower of elegance and grace. The Tulip has a fascinating history.

In 1554 the first Tulips arrived in Vienna and by 1593 Tulips were popular in Europe. Since the Tulip was so different from any other flower at the time, it became a symbol of wealth and success to have Tulips planted in a garden.

In 1637, if you wanted to purchase a single Tulip bulb, you would pay between 3,000 and 4150 guilders, ten times the annual income of the average skilled craftsman. They called that Tulip Mania since the Tulip bulbs were so expensive! There are numerous books and research papers written on this period of time that focuses on the Tulip.

After the 1637 period of Tulip Mania, the bulbs were available to more and more people. That meant Tulips started appearing in everyone’s gardens and eventually came to the United States.

Even though the flower is readily available for anyone’s garden, the flower is still known as the flower of elegance and grace and is a symbol of success.

Let’s look at that corner of your yard again. Wouldn’t the Tulip be a great addition to your residential landscaping? We can help you decide the variety of Tulip that would be best for your hard, and we can help you create the perfect lighting for that corner. Just contact us and let’s talk.