residential landscaping with gladiators northern virginia

Residential Landscaping With Gladiators | Northern Virginia

Gladiolus is a vibrant flower named after the shape of its leaves. The leaves look like a sword, and the Latin word for sword is “gladius.” The image of the sword leaves has come to represent the Gladiators.

The Gladiolus flower is a symbol of strength and moral integrity. When given to someone you love, the flower is a symbol that the person pierces your heart with passion.

This vibrant, sword-like flower came from Africa and Asia. The first species of the Gladiolus was brought to Europe in the mid 1700s. In 1745, the first Gladiolus was grown in England. After that, individuals started producing hybrids of the flower.

In the 1800s, many were producing the Gladiolus and different colors and varieties were on the market. From that day until now, gardeners are creating stunning versions of the original Gladiolus, including Ice Cap and White Ice in the 1980s. The Gladiolus is a flower popular with many showmen of flowers, yet can also be part of your residential landscaping today.

Today there are about 260 species of the Gladiolus. They are perennials, meaning they will grow year after year in your garden. You can have flowers that are pink, white, orange, etc. There is no end to the variety of colors to enhance your garden.

These are a taller flower, so they provide a fantastic backdrop to other plants. We can also use them create a short border. If you are wondering how the Gladiolus will create an area of strength in your landscaping, just contact us. We would love to come talk and help you out.

Photo Courtesy of Wikipedia Commons