Safety and Landscape Lighting | Baltimore MD

imageWith the time change, have you noticed the evenings are darker? Have you noticed it is more difficult to see around your yard? Thinking safety might be a concern for friends and family? Not security, but safety. You don’t want your friends and family tripping over low bushes, or tripping on the steps that were designed to blend in with the landscaping.

So, let’s talk about safety landscape lighting.

First step is to look at your property and think about the paths that are taken in the dark. If you have a pool, what is the path people will take? If you have an outdoor fire pit, what is the path people will take? The best way to accomplish this is invite a friend over and have them walk those paths in the daylight. Or, invite us over to look at your landscape and we will help determine those paths for you.

Second step is to decide who will be taking these paths. If children or the elderly will need access to certain areas in the dark, then the lighting will need to be brighter than if they don’t need access. The same is true if a person with disabilities wants access to those areas.

Third step is to let us design a plan that will:

  1. Target areas such as pathways, steps, pools, tripping hazards.
  2. Show where the lights will be low illumination and where they will be slightly brighter.
  3. Avoid using bright floodlights.
  4. Increase safety yet add to the value of your property.

You really can create safety lighting that increases the beauty of your property.