Spring Clean Up

A spring clean up should be done every year in order to keep your landscape looking fresh. “The clean up should include removing leaves and debris, edging beds, fertilizing plants, applying pre-emergent herbicides, pruning, and removal of old mulch if it is piled over 2” high.” Anne Lieb, Property Manager, Chapel Valley Landscape Company.

A clean up allows you to spruce up your landscape before the growing season and cutback ornamental grasses to rejuvenate them for new growth. Edging will define your landscape beds, help to keep grass out, and hold mulch in place.

Applying fertilizers to your landscape beds will provide primary nutrients for plants and enable them to thrive.  Utilizing pre-emergent herbicides will help prevent the growth of annual weeds in landscape beds. Make sure that the pre-emergent herbicides are applied before the weeds germinate. If they are applied too late  and the weeds have already germinated the pre-emergent herbicide will not be effective.

A spring clean up should also include the start up of your irrigation system. In this region, start ups should take place in April or May when the overnight low temperature no longer drops below freezing. Once the irrigation system is started make sure to monitor the settings. In early spring irrigation systems will not need to run at the same pace that they do in the summer because of the spring rains.

The overall clean up of your landscape will not only make it more aesthetically pleasing it will also allow your plants to thrive.

Chapel Valley Landscape Company is a full service exterior landscape company that services Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC. Founded in 1968 Chapel Valley is the 30th  largest landscape company in the nation. Chapel Valley’s services include design/build, installation, comprehensive maintenance and landcare, irrigation/water  management, hardscaping, lighting, green roof technology, and snow removal.

Chapel Valley’s comprehensive maintenance program includes all aspects of a spring clean up including edging, mulching, fertilizer and pre emergent application, pruning, cutting back ornamental grasses, and leaf and debri removal. Our maintenance program can take care of all lawncare needs including spring and fall clean up, mowing, weed removal, overseeding, and irrigation system maintenance.