Are You Ready for Commercial Landscaping Routines to Change? | Baltimore, MD

We’re about half way through summer and that means it’s almost time to change-up our commercial landscaping routines. During the height of summer it is important to take care of issues related to irrigation, organic pest control, mowing, weed control and disease prevention. But as summer wanes, businesses in Maryland and Virginia will need to start looking at other things. Read more »

Commercial Landscape Maintenance: Make Room for Marvelous Moonbeams | Atlanta, GA

We know that native Georgian and The River of Winged Dreams’ author, Aberjhani, wasn’t talking about flowers when he said the following:

“Now come the whispers bearing bouquets of moonbeams and sunlight trembling.”

But our commercial landscape maintenance crew members can’t help recall his words when presented with a tray of Moonbeams. Also known as Coreopsis Verticillata, they are low maintenance perennials that produce showy, yellow blooms throughout the summer months. And that’s not all there is to love about these marvelous Moonbeams. Read more »

Commercial Landscaping in Atlanta: Spotlight on the Beauty of Blue Ice

If you swung by our booth at Vornado’s Green Fair Conference last April, chances are you noticed that we had Amsonia Tabernemontana on display. Also known as Blue Ice, it is often added to commercial landscaping in Atlanta for many reasons. Today, we wanted to share some of those reasons and temporarily highlight the attractive, native plant. Read more »

Enjoy Proper Fertilization with Commercial Landscape Maintenance | Sterling, VA

While fertilization is a common practice for people when first growing grass and plants, these practices tend to disappear as time goes on and the grass and plants grow into maturity. It is possible for plant growth to be completely fine without the use of fertilization, but there are many benefits to enjoy when you combine professional help, commercial landscape maintenance, and proper fertilization. Read more »

Get Routine Commercial Landscaping in Atlanta to Maintain a Beautiful Landscape | Atlanta, GA

In many situations, the first impression that a customer or client has on your business comes from what they see on the outside, which often involves landscaping. Impressing a person immediately will make it easier to gain a customer or client as they proceed to interact with your business. Read more »

Commercial Landscaping in Atlanta is Best Left to Smart, Seasoned Pros | Atlanta, GA

Commercial landscaping in Atlanta is not a do-it-yourself task and the same may be said for commercial irrigation. Why? The Peach State is thriving. Each year, a large number of people and businesses move to Hot-lanta. However, the metropolitan statistical area’s climate and landscape often take transplants by surprise. They don’t realize that the surface water supply is limited and the region frequently toggles between periods of drought and sudden downpours. The climate also makes the area’s vegetation prone to diseases and insect infestations that are not found in other parts of the country. Read more »

Atlanta Office Opening This Month

It is going to be another busy year for Chapel Valley Landscape Company. Five months ago, we acquired a branch serving regions in Norfolk and Virginia Beach, and this month we are opening a new regional office in Atlanta, Georgia, serving Southeastern regions. The Atlanta market is one of the largest for commercial real estate, making it a perfect place for us to transition. Read more »

Commercial Landscaping Maintenance: Remember to Guard Against Frost Cracks | Silver Spring MD

If the trees on your business’ property are developing frost cracks, shoddy commercial landscape maintenance may be to blame. After all, not all trees crack under Old Man Winter’s hand. The ones that do, tend to have defects that may be either inherent or man-made. The inherent defects may be avoided by choosing only the best trees for commercial landscape installation and the man-made ones may be circumvented by taking the right amount of care. Read more »

Commercial Landscape Maintenance: Are You Ready for the Ice and Snow? | Northern Virginia

Whether you live in Washington, D.C. where the annual snowfall is around 23-inches or Baltimore, Maryland, where it’s not uncommon for the white stuff to get just as deep, one thing is certain. Commercial landscape maintenance is going to involve snowplows, shovels, and lots of deicer each year. So are you ready for the first Nor’easter to hit? If not, you’d best hop to it before November arrives. That’s when the first snowstorm is predicted to slam into the Capital Building and whip through the Inner Harbor. And the storm totals are only expected to pile up from there. So with that and the two state’s slip and fall laws in mind, it’s far better to be proactive than reactive. Read more »