Plant Health Care: It’s Almost Time to Tend to Those Spring Perennials | Chevy Chase, MD

It’s almost springtime in Maryland and Virginia. So, now is the time to think about planning those perennials. This is especially the case if you are hoping to have your property awash with color in time for late summer and early fall. Of course it is also the time to take plant health care into account because the perennials that were planted in late summer and early fall of last year should be about ready to make their first appearances. Read more »

Dealing with Plant Health Care as a Homeowner: Planting Indestructible Plants

As a homeowner, you know how important your landscaping is. This is because your landscaping provides curb appeal, making your home beautiful, attractive, and welcoming. However, knowing all the rules about plant health care can be difficult, time-consuming, and just a hassle. If you have trouble with your landscaping, you may consider planting these plants that are considered “indestructible”: Read more »

Plant Health Care: A Look at the Complexities of Working with Poinsettias | Columbia MD

Around the holidays, it is not uncommon for many home and business owners to ask us about including poinsettias in their properties’ landscaping. And knowing how beautiful the festive plants are, we don’t blame customers for asking about them. However, most are quite surprised when they learn how much work is involved in keeping the plants healthy year-round. So this week, we wanted to touch upon some plant health care basics: Read more »

Plant Health Care Pros Can Help Property Owners Deal with Bluegrass Billbugs | Fairfax, VA

There are a handful of occurrences that are guaranteed to ruffle the neck hairs of property owners in Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia. One of them is a bluegrass billbug invasion. They can literally turn a lush lawn or healthy field full of crops into a barren wasteland in what seems like no time at all. Good thing our plant health care experts know what it takes to win the battle against these wicked weevils. Read more »

Top Residential & Commercial Landscaping Company | Trappe, MD

Top Residential & Commercial Landscaping Company | Trappe, MDDon’t fret about finding the right landscaper. No matter what side of shore your on, Chapel Valley is the company to choose in Trappe, MD because it is simply the best landscaping company servicing the area.

Why? Read more »

Top Residential & Commercial Landscaping Company | St. Michaels, MD

Top Residential & Commercial Landscaping Company | St. Michaels, MDAre you trying to take your landscaping up a notch? Are you looking for the right landscaper to transform, revitalize, or maintain your outdoor space? then it’s a good thing you found Chapel Valley because we service all parts of Maryland including the wonderful St. Michaels. Read more »

Top Residential & Commercial Landscaping Company | Oxford, MD

Top Residential & Commercial Landscaping Company | Oxford, MDFact: if you’re looking for a landscaping company in Oxford, MD and you found yourself here, you ended up in the right place. Why? Because we service both residential and commercial properties all throughout Maryland. We cover all of your essential landscaping needs:

  • landscape maintenance
  • paving
  • patios
  • decks
  • landscape lighting
  • gardening & planting
  • and much much more

Call us today at 443-799-1545 for a FREE consultation and to learn more about how you can benefit from having our experienced hands mold and shape your landscape into the perfect outdoor oasis.

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