Plant Health Care Pros Can Help Property Owners Deal with Bluegrass Billbugs | Fairfax, VA

There are a handful of occurrences that are guaranteed to ruffle the neck hairs of property owners in Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia. One of them is a bluegrass billbug invasion. They can literally turn a lush lawn or healthy field full of crops into a barren wasteland in what seems like no time at all. Good thing our plant health care experts know what it takes to win the battle against these wicked weevils. Read more »

Incorporating Annuals In the Landscape

Annual plants are an excellent way to add color and accent to your landscape. Annuals can be used to add variety and add an additional element of color to landscapes that focus largely on trees and shrubs.

Annuals have many different uses and the colors, whether they are a brighter shade or lighter shade, can be used as focal points in a landscape on both commercial and residential sites. The focal points are generally used to designate entry and add a welcoming atmosphere to a space or building on residential, commercial, or retail sites. Read more »