Winter Snow: Residential landscape maintenance | Potomac MD

It happened while we were all asleep,

Snow had fallen – six feet deep.

The temperature was ten below,

All the roads were blocked with snow.

No school today, the tv said,

Stay at home in your cozy bed.

So I quickly dressed

And jumped on my sled. (Caryn Yacowitz)

Do you remember the days of hoping for snow days when we were supposed to stay inside but instead enjoyed playing in the snow because there was no school, just as the child talked about in this poem? Snow days meant fun and were free of worries. Read more »

What is Your Landscape Vision?

Having an outdoor space can be one of the most rewarding parts of owning a home. Often, a lack of vision is all that stands between an empty yard and a vibrant space. How satisfied are you with your landscape? Do they look and feel create the atmosphere you’re going for? Does it function well, providing an extension of your indoor living space? Does it offer the privacy (or the social gathering space) you would most desire? For every stage of the landscape, there is much detail and planning. If you envision more for your landscape, now is the time to develop a plan. Read more »

Landscape Design in St Michael’s, MD

This getaway on the eastern shore was designed by Chapel Valley Landscape Company to accent water views and outdoor living.

You have only one shot at that critical ‘first impression’. Make it a great one! The landscape design of your property is the first thing noticed by clients and visitors, and that’s where we come in. Read more »