Transform your Landscape Lighting From Mundane to Fabulous

“I like to make the mundane fabulous whenever I can.” (Rufus Wainwright)

We couldn’t agree more with this American-Canadian singer, songwriter, and composer. We also like to take mundane landscaping and make it fabulous. How do we do that?

First, we will make your yard look as good in the daylight as at night. Landscaping lighting is appropriate for day and night to highlight certain areas for that fabulous look. We will combine ambient lighting with task lighting, which will add to the security and safety of your property. We will also integrate other lighting such as spotlights and strip lights.

Second, we will fabulously light the pathway to your house with lights along the walkway. These lights will be strategically placed so it does not look like a runway approach to your house, and the lights will not blind your guests. We will also add lights to highlight your prized flowers or favorite rosebush for your guests to see as they walk to your front door.

Third, we will add drama to your landscaping. You might have a tree with a unique textured bark and we will add lights that accentuate that bark adding dimension to your property. We will create a soft dramatic glow by outlining flower beds. If you have a water garden, we will add submerged lighting to give off that luminous light that showcases plants and fish.

Our goal is that when we finish, you and your friends will stand back, and say “That looks fabulous!” If you are ready to make the mundane fabulous, contact us and say “fabulous landscape lighting please.”