Water Features and Fountains

The Benefits of Water Features and Fountains

Are you looking for something to really bring some pizzazz to your outdoor space? One way to make a bold statement and enhance your outdoor space is to install a water feature. There are a few different types of water features you can go with, depending on your space and budget. Water features have plenty of benefits, such as providing a restful area to relax. Who doesn’t enjoy listening to water running over a waterfall? Whether you decide on a relaxing koi pond, waterfall, fountain, or a reflecting pool, they all bring a sense of “wow” to your landscape.

One of the most popular options is a natural pool. These are made by lining a hole in the ground with a rigid or flexible liner. These can be made to look very natural, and you can decide how big or small they will be. Installation is simple, but you must ensure you have a power source to run a submersible pump and filtration system. Adding a fountain will help hide the noise of the pump and keep the water moving. Additionally, Koi are great additions to small ponds. Koi are brightly colored fish that are fun to watch and will sometimes come up to the surface to see if you have food for them.

If you would like to do a small water feature, you can go with a container pond. These have been made from wine barrels, casted concrete, and large glazed planter pots. One benefit is there is no need to dig and this will not take up a lot of space. For a little added flair, you can add some fish or waterlilies. You will still need to install a filter and a pump so the water keeps moving and clean. These containers may be deep so use caution if there will be small children or pets close by.

Another option is a wall fountain, which is good for small areas and usually come in kits. The plumbing and wiring can be hidden behind the fountain. This type of water feature is usually a basin that catches the water and a pump that circulates the water back to the top to gently make its way back down to the basin. An adjustable valve will give you the choice of a rapid-running fountain or a light trickle. The kits can be expensive, but if you have an idea and some time, you can build your own and possibly save money. Building it from scratch gives you more liberties to work with your area and fill the space you want to be the focal point.

Probably the most extensive and biggest water feature would be a stream. These can require a lot of digging and designing. Streams need to be fairly long and usually end by flowing into another water feature or a natural pool. This is a great option to add to an existing water feature on your property.

There are a few items to remember when planning your water feature. Keeping your pond clean and pleasing to the eye will take some work but the enjoyment will be worth it. The biggest factors will be filtering the water to keep out algae from taking over and the water needs to be kept moving to help keep it oxygenated and fresh.