Winter plant health care | Rockville MD


Winter is the warmest season,

Oh, you say you want a reason?

Is it warm when snow piles high and wide?

It is if you are bundled up inside. (Winter Kids Poems)

We all know how nice it is to be bundled up inside while looking out at the grey clouds and snow of winter. Our plants want the same feeling and it’s not too late to bundle them up.

Winter plant health care means clearing plant beds of leaves and weeds so your plants have enough nutrients to live through the winter. You will also want to cut back your perennials so the plant can focus on keeping the roots alive and not have to think about keeping the plant part alive.

Winter plant care also means being sure your plants are bundled up so roots stay warm when the snow and ice pile high and wide. You will want enough mulch to protect the crown of the plants. There are several types of mulch to choose from. The key is to be sure the mulch is free of weeds and that if it is lightweight, you somehow ensure it will stay covering your plants. Most people recommend four to six inches of mulch if you live in an area that will be very cold this winter.

You might not have thought about those issues with winter plant health care, but it isn’t too late. Just take some time this December and bundle up your plants. You can do it yourself, or you can contact us. While you stay warm inside, we can come and be sure your plants are ready for the winter season.